I am Currently at lvl 84 finished the story normal/hard mode I have 3 SSR’s but I don’t know what to do now the game is starting to get boring even the PvP season ended so these are my questions

  • when are we going to get more story?
  • when will the new PvP season start?
  • what can I do while I wait for those things?

We recently got a couple more chapters of hard mode added to the story. I don’t know what future plans they have for story content but my best guess is we won’t get any more for a little while, considering this recent addition.

You can still do PvP in the meantime for fun, but next ranked PvP will probably be in a week or two. I can’t remember how long the gaps are in-between but they’re not too long.

Events are the main source of content day-to-day. We get ~30 battles (sometimes more) to work our way through then grind for the currency to buy characters and weapons from the shop.

So far this is basically the extent of the content. It’s not as much as you get in other games but the battling is super fun and it’s still in its first year. It’s probably safe to say they will come out with more original content in the future.

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I just hope your right about the future content cause I really like this game, the game has great potential but the Devs aren’t doing well in terms of updates

Hey Yaseen_Maged if your are that good maybe you can help me with my line up for PVP this season, im lvl 107, plus you can take out your boring helping players like me😁

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Sure, Show me the lineup

I am really sorry bro i didn’t realize this was the Evertale part, sorry i thought this was part of Neo monster. I sorry🙏

Nevermind :joy::joy:


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Before they cut the greedy crap, we should expect a DLC that costs 10€. That would probably be a first for a mobile game but l have faith in Zigzagame after how they handled Evertale since launch :+1::+1::+1: