The need for new content...

Well recently I quit neo mons and just came back recently, the I checked the events tab

Do you see this? it feels like the same old events Balancion trials, The Super Challenge Battle, and the Biweekly Missions atleast 2 of those events are always present each month, and there isnt anything new, sure there are a variety of events but they are only released once the event ends.

Sure as a new player it would seem nice that you have this events but when you play them for months and months will you generally feel happy knowing there arent any new Events happening?


more story would be nice but the events are ok just repetitive

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This is one of the reasons why I quit.

All the new content is behind a paywall.

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Just imagine if they focused on creating actual content instead of the whores they are releasing right now lol


Yeah That wouldve been a better choice, they had wasted concept which isnt really important(really hope capture cards make a return)

Credit cards are the the cards to capture monsters now.