"Nerf NovaDrake"

Bruh this pvp matches seems pointless since it’s season 62 some of the player really abusing “assisted dusk” skill in pvp. I know some of you well recommend " use glaciercorn , dragulus, megalodrake. But still it’s pointless if you don’t have the monster. I really hope devs will nerf this monster.

You are 2y old acc, right?

Hands off novadrake

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Leave nova alone he is our best cheap pve option now that stun lock ded


i think he just started again since he got banned… he had been complaining about nova ever since… hahaha… you better finish 85wins before sp.rule ends if you dont wanna see many novas… haha


Bruh I already have an account that account was a mistake and it’s true that nova has a low TU assisted dusk it’s rlly op tbh

Almost but got banned cuz I let my friend pilot it

I don’t have Novadrake but it’s fine as it is. I hope they include it in a festival egg soon.

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Who loose to a nova when he easy to counter :rofl:


Nerf SS Jurlungur :joy:

Leave my nova alone :no_mouth:
He is only one to use to complete bond quest or any other pve !:laughing:
I truly hope devs not to listen to this😅


Blood Price already nerfed it by a lot.

I lose to it because of the “assisted dusk” strat

Just because we lose to a monster it doesn’t mean it needs a nerf lol. I also lost plenty of matches against assisted dusk spam. You just gotta find ways to counter various strategies, that’s what makes this game fun.

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Just how many times nova got nerfed and ppl still crying for nerf lmao. You gotta find a way to counter him @TAGURO

It’s just unfair tho the assisted dusk tu is so low that pairing with demon toad buffing nova with enrage it’s kinda unfair .

Yeah true I guess it’s a skill issue then