On line a few people, saul, zard, me, lax, luc, were talking about some broken mechanics in the game.
we came to the conclusion:
Motor is the most brokem, some kind of se that hard counters him (saber failed, sorry) and a tu restriction on his passive while making it one time use.
Geo, mostly broken due to motor, but his secret skill is a little OP, but if motor didn’t exist geo would be way less of a pain, and about equal to chrome, raizen, etc.
his ss could get nerfed but that should be it.
Soulstealer, just very annoying due to rng as his sleep all can literally hit all monsters and thus its basically game over.

We also came to the conclusion Solblaze needs a nerf and buff, while sleep revenge is nasty, its literally all he is used for. sleep revenge should be A: removed from the game B: toned down a lot
while in return buffing solblaze not making him a bad mix of balancion, and Phantomaiden.

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Basically @vkc. We feel that nerfing motor in some way is enough to make geo not op. Geo on his own is a great monster but he is op paired with motor. Take away the motor passive abuse and geo is definitely not broken. Maybe ally sub can send monster to the back rather than next in line. Maybe backstab can go from 50 tu to 70 but anything else and he becomes pretty bad. Or ally sub doesn’t trigger passives

Please 1 times use and 100 tu restriction. Those shells are so annoying :triumph:.

I’d say leave it as unlimited and maybe just make it take X amount to recharge like 250 - 400 TU or do what they did with DeathGazer and not allow Motor to be useful for X seconds into battle.

Entrances in general tend to be unlimited, which makes sense if the mon enters multiple times. But Motor’s entrance is the strongest in the game by a HUGE margin, so it should be an exception to the rule.

One time use for Motor’s passive would be an ideal fix for him. That being said, the glitch where the shells don’t spawn because the passive “targets” a monster that died simultaneously has to be fixed. It wouldn’t be fair to nerf him without fixing that bug too.

Z19 GaryOak

one time use won’t fix him though 1 is enough to do what everyone does with him, repulse then Stun

While were at it… pls. prevent players from facing each other multiple times in a row. I faced  johny 7 times in a row… which sucked as he used a counter to my team.

1 time use wont fix motor. His passive just breaks the game. To be honest i would like to see him deleted, tho im sure people who hathed him wont be happy, but he was just a bad idea in the first place.

So assuming he wont be deleted, 1 time use will still be a “SCREW YOUR TEAM” move, and time restriction wont help either, because mid team or front - doesnt make a big difference, it will still screw you (front is better ofcourse because momentum thing, but still).

No se can be made to counter him, because putting a monster especially against him on FL will be a waste of spot.

Only thing that will stop this nonsense is stun immue for shells, or “explode from 300 TU” or something…

He should spawn shells at random positions. It’s not so op but enough to disturb.

Or we need motor counter like this:
AoE or something
Stun bomb
Repulse or Double repulse
Something good
Stun absorber
Summon counter
water (prevent to be killed by deo or kong)
Status should be deffensive and speed should be around 60.

Summon counter reverses the effect of summoning shells and box, for example when motor enters in the enemy field, two shells are spawned at enemy side. Same for box.
Also this can be used as killer ineffective stun absorber like

i agree with this

That’s a good idea.

Or a SE monster for everyone available (island challenge?) as ultimate frontline abuse counter:
Death revenge inverter (any of your monsters receiving death revenge, is fully healed instead)
Auto- sendback (automatically sendback any shell/ box / rockoid next in line to the back of the team

Maybe jump back (same as stepback, but go back for three or four slots, or a random number of slots)
More suggestions?

Basically punishing geo/ death revenge/ motor abuse, making people rethink where to put them. It would propably create a cycle the same as protectors/ deathchickens in frontline.

geo’s backstab needs to be nerfed as well higher tu would be fine. Motor only needs one time use passive
@VKC please dont make motordragon useless after you nerf him…

Geo isnt the problem its motor…while 70tu might be ok

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Just make it so his passive has a Cooldown/Charge period. Do something like it takes 400 seconds to recharge etc… just something where it is not back to back. Alternatively make it so shells only receive a portion of stun effects…Maybe the solution isn’t nerfing Motor… maybe it is buffing what can be done to the shells. In other words a passive tolerance… if shells had stun absorb I don’t know how I’d feel… so I suggest just a tolerance like 1/2 effects of stuns, sleep, poison kills them either way meh.

the problem is that i can simply repulse ur two protectors/stun immune monsters and stun… and even if they only get half the stun e.g 150 tu thats would make it 250. till their gone due to the tu for life flip and reckless attack. which is enough to have sweeped ur team 

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We are fully aware how huge Motor and Geo impact the current meta.

We will tweak their skills as many players mentioned above, more or less.

Thank SoL Navelstan and Fredator for presenting the skill set. They are pretty interesting.

I haven’t thought Soulstealer and Sleep Revege still a big issue in the current meta.

These 2 are not top popular Legends and we have introduced few sleep immune and poison entrance Super Epic monsters.

Thanks for the info. I will revisit these sleep Legends again.  

Thank you for listening, hope for an improvment.

imo the best way to nerf Geo is to change bloodfury into bloodthirst so even at +9 you would need 84 seconds to charge it. And for Motor just make his passive (obviously also Tinker) one time use