Motor back

Dev motor made a return and is a problem. Give him the passive payback revenge. That way he not trash but now you can’t backstab to get rid of him. That will stop ppl from abuse him



Motor is top 5 most annoying monsters I face in PvP. I think he definitely needs to be nerfed.
-here come the motor defenders-

Payback revenge would be a nerf and s buff in one move

Please don’t give it payback revenge. I agree that it’s very annoying and it’s abused atm but payback revenge would also be a buff as King says

Motor is nowhere near as powerful or easy to abuse as before. It’s strong in its role at disrupting the enemy and gaining tempo, but offers very little else and almost always needs removing from the field shortly after it enters.

I still haven’t had any issue fighting Motor, I just think it’s one of those monsters that is more obvious with what it’s doing. If you remove the monster which is going to kill Motor then you’ve just undone all the tempo gain Motor gave them.

So does it need payback revenge? Nope, not in my opinion. However, that would be a great nerf if it needed one. I’d love for my idea of “first entrance” to be implemented and used on Motor’s passive, then unmovable can be changed into something like payback revenge.


I did tell the devs to make it a 1 time use passive when geomotor was terrorising, but they decided to implement unmovable. It’s a nice passive on some monsters for sure. Making powerful passives into 1 time use instead of adding unmovable is far better option.

Yeah I can see where they’re going with unmovable, it’s cool on certain monsters and makes sense to use it as a nerf on others but it isn’t ideal… especially because it takes the second passive slot. For Kaerukenshi it ruined the point of him having power slash when he lost the grit passive.

But motor has bloodthirst :thinking:
And why should it be nerfed ? It’s not a mythical legendary like angelion or fastass sweeper magmarinus !!

Get gud guys !

I was happy when you said “fatass” thinking you meant capy, but then got disappointed when you meant magmar


It’s better than Magma.

How is Motor a problem? We literally got a free gravity Field monster a month ago. We have Lagodragon sendback next, the Sendback token & catapult elephant, The new double sendback Holycow. Dusicyon with less than 30 Tu cannibalize token etc etc etc. If motor disrupts your team, it’s really annoying but it’s literally doing its only job.

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+1 …

Game is not atall challenging these days . Atleast motor is doing it