Guys will there be discount on shop for the anniversary

i started playing neo this year can you guys tell me what kind of things happened there it will be a big help

Haven’t seen a shop discount besides the first purchase so probably not that.

Based on the previous years, what you can safely expect is:

-around 40 free gems, at least 5 rare gems.
-Guaranteed mythic banner (paid gems)
-Festival egg (better hatching chances) with a guaranteed mythic every 10 packs (10x40 gems) hatched
-some free epic/super epic monster
-2x gems deal in the shop

Now that the fortune shrine is a thing, we might get one during Anniversary as well.


Glad you specified this…lol :joy::joy:


thats probably good thanx for telling about those things

99% sure there won’t be a shop discount. Otherwise, everyone would save their tickets all year for next anniversary… which ruins the shop. It’s a long-term part of the game so can’t be fiddled with like that.


ok bro
thanx for telling

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You never know. It’s anniversary anything can happen



But probably we can expect some new monsters in shop?? Last few additions to shop have been underwhelming.


Meanwhile theres me waiting on the shrine, my calculations were busted today lol

Imagine if shrine never comes around again

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aaaaa, hey dont scare me like that

Idk, A.S Poseidon is pretty great! And Hanzowolf before that.

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I meant the shiny monsters additions. Last 4 additions have been useless. They even removed ziberius which I was looking to buy few months ago. Hanzowolf is more of a PVE monster and mythics at 20 tickets are too costly. If they added shiny galliodragon or shiny taloknight it would be cool instead of useless shiny monsters.

theyre adding new shinies with dumb skills

I wonder if they will give Gems this year since I will go in previous years the sanctuary of fortune did not come out, I wonder if they will give Gems despite that

40? Are u got crazy? In the 4th aniversary they give 80 gems and 120 in 5th I hope they give 200 at least in the 6th

Good question, I have 15 tickets, I will wait if nothing good comes out I will buy from Ankara or if I awake Lucifelle I will buy from Dusi


Nah man you’re definitely pushing it imo. But we’ll see in a month!