🏆 Neo Monsters tier list (see first post) 🏆

You can safely move Skelechad, I mean Skelenoob now to F tier or whatever

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i think we need to test him to see where he should be
but i assume B tier fits him from how he seems
B tier seems to be the tier where if the monster gets a turn, they can do some hits but not to the point of being very reliable or that crazy

That’s the fun part, Skele can hit for a full 1 damage if we use his gimmick

@Killerdog perhaps you should mention that shadow basically has a new troupe when you do that one. considering there are now 6+ Excessive Shadow mons.

I’ve already recorded all the videos, meant to release the shadow one last weekend but was busy. I’ll release it tonight. The storm video is looking quite funny now since the update buffed Hawknight and Hu Shin.

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On YouTube I have links in the description for getting to various parts.


On YouTube I have links in the description for getting to various parts.


I thought they would given Majorie sleep curse since its fit with her design, and since she has the high defense and camaflouge she could survive for the 100sec and also her stun pulse to put a monster out of play until they fall asleep or is that too much🤔?

The final video in the series from this year is out! You can find the whole series and previous years over in this thread, as well as the final summary table showing where the new monsters have ended up placed in the tier list: KD's Monster Reviews YouTube series - #5 by Killerdog


Thanks for the annual reviews, I watched them all, including re-watching several older ones.

I hope you’ll keep that series alive every year :pray::pray::pray:

@Killerdog I appreciate the video, I have recently gotten into ur videos and love them. 2023 is your year for Fiona don’t worry :wink:

@EBO @Killer-Dan Thanks guys. I particularly like this last one where I gave lots of thoughts about design shifts and more general stuff I don’t normally talk about much. I find it’s a good place to share those kinds of thoughts and I really enjoy talking about it




We recently had an update to version 2.34 which you can see here. This post will cover the movements with regards to these changes.

This update changed a lot of mythics to make their movesets play smoother, which makes my life very difficult as they’re harder to be critical about! It also brought some quality of life improvements like a pity counter for people who get unlucky when whaling for a mythic, daily missions claim all button and a way to toggle whether auto-battle stays on after you win a battle with it. This last one is my favourite, so now you can effectively choose to turn auto-battle on or off without needing to go into a test battle!

Atlanachia got poison immunity, which really doesn’t impact it very much besides making the SS shield a bit better.
Mai got healing added to the step back move and it can trigger retribution or be revived, but I don’t think this has changed too much.
Rhinedragon deserves to move up in PvP with its faster sweeping (120TU total now, down from 140TU) but since a lot is moving up I’ll literally be moving it down in a few days with the next update’s shuffle so it’s staying where it is.
Midasdragon lost its combo potential creating a dead weight token, but I hadn’t really valued this in the tier list.


These are only with respect to the changes in version 2.34.

Kuraokami moves from C → D in general and C → D in PvP, unfortunately this has got caught up with the oppression of token disruption and has been restricted in a way that makes it even more clunky than it already was. It won’t matter in most battles, but sometimes it will really hurt when you can’t summon more Yuki but snowslide won’t critical.

Harleking moves from C → B in PvP, piercing when there are multiple Bronzeshell makes it even more effective at the back of a team (where it was best already).

Mechangelion moves from D → C in general. I really want to like this monster and there’s no denying if you meet a DR enemy Mechangelion will be amazing but I feel it’s still too unreliable for top level play. It’s now even stronger in PvE for certain battles!

Apollonis moves from C → B in PvP and second form tier 2 → 3, the buff here is subtle, but what it does is add proper setup for final bite because she’s extremely hard to kill at the back of the team. Also, the attack buff makes double counter slash deal 5-5.5k piercing damage to two enemies even without them being fire, meaning she’s now got targeted piercing killing! I think she’ll become a very popular end-game monster, something we haven’t had for a while.

Gabrielle moves from D → A in PvP and second form tier 2 → 3, the big problem here was her speed, but now she gets a turn in 28 seconds she can do a brilliant job of countering stun, sleep and poison as well as taking out an enemy sweeper with a 130TU piercing move. The flexibility she offers on entrance and her reliably good moves that happen albeit a little slowly mean she’s a well rounded include for the second half of teams that feature a lot of strong monsters (i.e. good in a meta of mythics). She’s actually a lot like Tyrfina now.

Hawknight moves from D → C in general and E → C in PvP, returned to its former glory this monster never should have been nerfed, just like Galvbane, Icefang and a couple of others that need stun pulse to set up timestrike.

Coretta moves from A → S- in general and B → A in PvP, extending the duration of vow status is huge! Getting massive value out of the combo will be far easier now and it opens up many more opportunities. Previously, any monster with 130TU+ moves was not worth it at all but now you can get enough attacks with them (plus Coretta) that it’s barely a factor.

Hu Shin moves from E → C in general, F → S- in PvP and second form tier 2 → 3, this was the laughing stock of the mythics (alongside Majorie) but after multiple buffs this has become genuinely very strong and a big payoff for avoiding playing with mythics. The stats boost is crazy, making bloodthirst one-shot many legendaries while at 0 kills and if you do instant true hit first it’s strong enough to one-shot basically everything except tanky mythics (excluding HP boost). This is on the first turn at 64% speed! After 1 kill bloodthirst one-shots everything so Hu Shin can sweep regularly while being super tanky and having practically double immunity with a 50TU revive move she can slip in occasionally. She very heavily punishes the enemy team for being ignored even if she doesn’t have a kill thanks to that revive move. Obviously, for top teams it will sometimes be restricting to not play mythics but I think there’s huge potential here.

Onika moves from E → C in general and D → C in PvP, stun converter is a big upgrade when it’s got a give turn move, meaning you can sweep through stun very effectively. It’s now worth building around and got another powerful thing to offer rather than mainly just discipline.

Medbie moves from E → A in general and F → D in PvP, buffed twice here (getting double overconfident, but also the +60% damage boost at 100% HP) this has become far stronger. It almost makes it to C tier for me, but when it enters without a shield it may be killed too easily. Still, the sweeping power here is exceptional and the Mr. Bun flexibility is very useful.

Nauticruiser moves from S → A in general and S → A in PvP, like Kuraokami, this has been caught up in the rocklock problem as a win condition so it’s got a very limiting restriction in some scenarios. Doing elem accelerate then creating a Nautipod every 31TU to form an army was one of the strongest things it could do and that’s simply not possible at all any more. It’s really bad that it can get stuck using elem accelerate, so I hope something is done about it.

Skeleviathan moves from S- → B in PvP, this was a horrible enabler for so many FLs and I personally felt it really needed to be removed. I think the game is better off without it, but halving the speed has probably killed its FL play. It’s still a good value piece for the early/mid-game; I don’t think it’s terrible now as I know many people felt when they saw this nerf.

Scolopendragon moves from A → S in general and D → S- in PvP, with the numerous buffs this has become genuinely very strong. If you can set up that first kill with a token monster or putting something on low HP this becomes a deadly killing machine.

Gyomurai moves from C → B in general, this got a sneaky buff in this update since now overconfident strike gets a +60% damage boost at 100% HP (like normal confident strike). I’m hesitant to push it into S tier for PvP, but this buff definitely solidifies its position near the top as we slowly enter a future with tanky HP boosted mythics. Gyomurai dealing 7k piercing damage guarantees a one-shot on all of them. It may be great to place behind Dusicyon or with monsters such as Kaerukenshi (best of course is Lilithia).

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I know I’m running behind. I’ll add all the new monsters in the next few days. Then I’ll do the version 2.35 update at some point next week. Version 2.34 really messed up my plans… I had the new monster additions written but, as you can see above, A LOT of mythics were made better so it’s moved a lot around and I need to figure out whether I want to move others due to that (to rebalance it all).

Malwing tier A or B PVP after they nerf the stun
Infernicorn S+ PVP
Raizen Tier B or A PVP
Flarevern Tier A or B PVP
Novadrake S PVP
Heavenwyrm C PVP
Magmarinus B PVP
Floccu C PVP


I feel like it’s still at least S tier. I had a lot of success with it last season. I agree with the rest tho

I think you meant to say it moved from S+ tier down to B tier :skull:

Interesting. I’ll have to take a look at it again

Honestly I’d consider pushing it into S- tier if gremoris wasn’t also S-

(gremoris S tier and dragulus C tier minimum plis)

I feel like you’ve been overrating it by at least two tiers for a while now. I wouldn’t move it past C or D tier because of how slow its speed and moveset are

this is so sad

also prixis is S- tier


I have different opinion, I heard u run sakuralisk with malwing + maple or maybe its bcoz u run it with plume and soral Thats why it work really success. Maybe u right tier B its to low for her.

I am believe sobeking around tier S or S-
But for malwing I need specific team to support her , reckless timestrike rarely oneshot to make her get a kill. Her value its really different like other S tier monster

Made my day

:hushed: very much needed!

Before the update came I had planned to move it up to S tier, so near enough :wink:

Being slow is the biggest problem it has. However, the moveset is actually pretty good aggression now and I think the entrance creating two Goldoids is more useful than people would give credit. Lower tier monsters tend to have more situational attacks, but since this latest update there are many more with good movesets… Rhinedragon will inevitably slowly drop in the tier list.

Don’t worry, got you covered there :slight_smile:

The way they’re working now is very hard to grasp, because I’m used to years of them being so good. I’ve always felt the sleep is the strongest part of the entrance, but the stun was very useful too. Malwing’s main move is blowback, which still has no problem. Reckless timestrike was more for stun absorbers or monsters on low HP (then it’s a 70TU way to charge bloodcrave). I don’t feel like that’s got much worse either. Malwing also adapts better to mythics (tanky monsters) whereas Sobeking struggles a bit more.

Overall, I thought I’d leave them at S+ for now but probably drop them both to S tier quite soon. I think they’re still both very good compared to a lot of legendaries.