Neo Monsters Role Play

The original Hunter Island Role Play is one of my favorite threads of all time, and overall, it is still one of the top topics on the forum.

Therefore, I have wanted to make a spiritual successor to that thread for a long time, and with mod approval and a few people requesting it, let’s do a role play.

To start, list your name, your species, your team if you are a trainer, and any other notable trivia about your character. If you’re stuck, there are some great ideas on the og thread. Note that not all monsters need to work exactly like they do in-game.

Name: Fennec

Species: Robinox

Trivia: Young but mature. A lonely bird with a lot on his mind

I darted across the meadow, putting all of my strength into the movement. I didn’t know where I was, but I knew I had to get away. I had to escape. Meadow gave way to trees and trees gave way to desert, but the island seemed to go on forever. I was getting tired, but I couldn’t stop now. I couldn’t stop until I escaped. Yet, as the desert slowly faded back into another grassland, I couldn’t keep running. I was too tired, and I’d been running too long. I had to rest.

As I slowed down, a stream came into view. The first good news all day. I slowly walked over to the water. Despite my robotic exterior, I was still an animal, and animals need water. I looked around, hoping to find somewhere to rest. Finding nothing, I followed the stream. Walking a little further, some trees came into view. Not a proper forest, but the shade was nice. I selected a spot underneath a tree, and fell asleep before it was dark, figuring it was best to get the nightmares over with.




I woke up outside a temple do not know where I am or who i am as I set out to find answers I find a huge ruin I decided to invistigate getting constant hedache and flashblack that do not make sence am I a- no no it as I look into the sky for answer am I-starts a downpour as I ran into a cave it was not big but enough to shelter me as I sleep

where ever i go trees fall motains crumble other monster run away bcz they think I am a monster if they think I am a monster than mayb- no if I am hurting others I might not come out ever

trivia-a clam dragon who thinks he is a monster


(Let’s use parentheses to chat to each other so that it isn’t too confusing)

I woke up suddenly, but that was nothing new. I looked around, checking for danger, but there seemed to be nothing in my immediate vicinity, so I relaxed a little. I scattered my nest, trying to throw off pursuers, and resumed walking. This island couldn’t go on forever. I had to keep telling myself that. I began to run again. It took only an hour before I had to slow down. This was wearing on me. Still, I had to go on. I had to escape. There was nothing left but misery on this cursed isle. Nothing left but misery and them. I was so deep in my thoughts that I barely noticed a cliff in time to avoid it.

I skidded to a halt, considering this new obstacle. Treading carefully, I dared to look over the edge. The land that I was on appeared to protrude from the cliff face by several feet. No chance I could climb down. Not that I was much of a rock climber anyway. I stared downwards, but the ground was too far down to make out, and there seemed to be some mist further down. Just from what I could see, the cliff was easily fifty feet above the ground, and the presence of mist suggested it was much higher. If I fell, I was dead. Noting that, I backed away from the edge.

Since there seemed to be no way down where I was, I walked along the cliff, trying to find a path, or at least some food. With that thought, I realized just how hungry I was. I hadn’t eaten for days. I supposed that this was why I wasn’t able to cover a much ground today. I walked for hours, eventually finding a waterfall.

I drank from the river that flowed into it, and smelled something. Looking around, I saw a fresh carcass. I dug in, eating greedily. I was so hungry, in fact, that it never occurred to me to wonder who had made the kill until after I was full. Sloppy. Still, after I came to my senses, I looked around. There seemed to be no tracks, which worried me a little bit. Flying predators are harder to avoid. Still, I pressed on, remembering to check the skies constantly.


today was the fifth day of being in the cave I started felling hungry I should go out and get something to eat but everyone here knows me and will run away maybe I sould go somewhere else

after a day of travel I reached to a meadow there was a river I should catch a few fishes before going on my parth a strange light from the forest hits one of my wings its hurting a lot SIGHS looks like I am in this island for a while I decide to travel as night fall so does the fear of unknown kicks in

there is a small patch of trees near I should go there no one will see me there as I decided to sleep in the forest many big predators flew past but none saw me


Species Ultimadragon
Name Kenny
Trivia Brother of Ken, real reason why Ken was feared by others - loves destruction
I was out hunting as usual in the island. I pray for other monsters to prey on as they are usually more delicious. I just hunted a boar and left it somewhere. It just disappeared. What kind of idiot has the audacity to steal my food. I flewed higher for a better view and saw a robinox. I cursed. That useless robot stole my food and he isn’t even edible himself. Hmnmmnm maybe I can capture him and torture him to oblivion instead. Just as I always loves to do, I decided to stalk the monster prey for a few days to make their life in pain and fear before capturing them. I swooped down so I could be seen by the robinox…
(@ArcticTheHunter I need ur reaction first before I can continue)


as the day comes my wings started feeling a lot better I decided to fly really high so that the monster could not be able to shoot me again as I was flying I saw another of me out curiosity that there might be other like me I decided to follow the dragon from what I can see it looks like he is hunting a robinox?? but he can’t eat metal can he I stayed up in the air while the dragon swoop to hunt the bird


I had the sudden feeling that someone was above me. I looked around for cover just as a huge shadow came over me. Without time to think, I darted into a nearby cave.

Yet the dragon didn’t seem to be trying to hunt me. Given that, I studied it. The dragon was massive, and appeared to have a brown and blue hide. It was a new species to me, but the lack of red marks was encouraging. I looked around my cave. It had huge gouges on the walls, as if a dragon had been here recently. Brilliant. I wondered why the dragon was hunting me. Despite appearances, I was certainly edible. Yet I was a small meal. I decided it was most likely a territorial thing. Not that I could escape its territory right now, what with it flying over me. Deadly dragons bent on torturing and killing you were just so inconsiderate.

Exploring the cave, I found that it was deeper than expected, and seemed to be unoccupied. There was a spring towards the bottom, but no food once again. I was getting tired of this. I decided that it was best to hide out in the cave for a while. If the dragon attacked, a little fire would drive it back easily. There was still the problem of food, but this seemed like a good short term solution.


I saw my prey ran into the cave. I knew the cave was deep. I chose to guard the entrance instead of going in blindly and decide that the robinox will come out eventually, unless he die inside the cave first of course. At least that was my initial plan…
until I saw my brother Ken…
I remembered what I have done to him.How the hell did he survived that? Had he came for revenge? I immediately ran.
I glanced back. His eyes wasn’t full of hatred as I expected. Instead he looked curious and confused when I ran. However I didn’t stop…


Huh. The dragon seemed to have left. Strange. Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, and more than a little concerned about the time I had wasted. I continued along the cliff. There had to be a way down. I hiked for hours, sometimes running, sometimes walking, never resting. Eventually, my efforts were rewarded.

Looking down, I saw what appeared to be a thin path. Following it with my eyes, I saw that it came up to the top of the cliff close by. I carefully climbed down, slightly paranoid that the dragon was still stalking me. I hoped I had enough of a head start that they wouldn’t be here. If they had gotten here, they would be able to easily block the path. But, after almost half an hour of inching along the path, I made it to the bottom.

At the bottom of the cliff, there was a thick jungle. The air was moist, and the mist blocked by view, but there were so many trees and vines that the biome was unmistakable. It was hard to tell which direction to go, so I resolved to simply walk away from the cliff and not turn at all.

Traversing the jungle was slow, but largely uneventful. I tried to climb a tree once, but the local animal population didn’t seem to like that, so I continued on the the ground. After about an hour, I realized that this jungle must not be natural. Dense jungle didn’t just grow feet away from sparse forests, and the sudden humid air made no sense either. The cause must be magical, then, or air currents would have spread the water vapor. Oh, well, no time to consider that. there was nothing to do but run. Nothing to do but escape.


after the dragon leaving once it saw me was wried cuz why would he ran away for now its best that I follow the bird in secret so if he comes he would tell me who I am

as the bird tries to “run” I suddenly notice why this jungle was somewhat alive SUDDEN SHOT OF LIGHT Damm it looks like the beast has retured to hunt me I fly in the air where I lock eyes with other dragon

ken-pls great dragon tell me who I am and where are other of my kind and why are you huting a bird??

the dragon looks visibly confused I thought to myself
(@Elvasot reply first so that I can continue the storie)

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I decided to lie to him
Kenny - u r Ken u r my slaves and the other of our kinds are at the ancient ruins. I am hunting the bird cuz he is a thief
I decided to lure him there to kill him again
Like last time only this time he won’t escape again

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I started getting suspicions of the dragon being his slave and other are ruins but he knows my name so maybe

ken-my name is ken… and I am yourr slave…?
I wi-will be on my way far from you because I do not want
to be anyone’s slave I hope you can understand

as I started to fly away
am I his slave was he the rulers of our kind

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Hmmm seems like he forgot everything. He is not a threat for now. I will deal with the stupid bird first. I decided to continue following and traumatising the robinox.

After all, I only used up one of my voo to summon voodoom to kill Ken, I can always try again after I found out how he escaped last time.

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as I flew away I saw a very dence forest with a temple I decided to invistigate it it seems like there are painting of human-life praying to a emraldeus what is written on this pillar it says long live soulstealerI started to get sleepy ah… what is …happening… as I slowly being to sleep

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(Are you guys ok with me controlling multiple characters? I thought that the new addition would compliment Fennec’s personality, but I can kill them off if you don’t like it.)

Name: Taumata Whakatangi Hangakoauauo Tamateapokai Whenuakitan Atahu, or Pok for short

Species: Aquamurai

Trivia: Somewhat immature despite being older. Fennec’s opposite.


I hate jungles. They are buggy, sticky, and hard to navigate. And the one thing worse than a jungle is a magical jungle. So, naturally, I was stuck in one. I wandered around, with no idea were to go, until suddenly, something red streaked past me. I stopped to investigate, noticing what seemed to be bird tracks. ‘Hey!’, I called out.


Someone called out to me. My instincts told me to ignore it and go on, but something drew me over. In front of me was some weird bipedal lizard. ‘Hello’, I said tentativelt


I open my eye I am somewhere else not in the temple or the jungle.???

there not many trees but the trees that are there they are mostly cherry blossom trees a lake and the grass is mostly pink

???-if something is too good its not true

who was there!!! I heared you I decided to travel about 7-8 miles away there were two door one of the doors had skeleton on a hores and the other door had lots of gold food and fairy’s remembering the starnge noise I decided to jump in the first door while yelling


I open my eyes I see the skeleton on the hores again

???-my name is soulstealer I just needed to be sure that you are not another greedy human

ken-o-ok what do you want form me

soulstelar-when you read ed my name you broke me free as from now my life is yours

ken-uhmm ok

soulstealer-I will follow you you can this capture card at me

the capture card is gold and a lot different from the usual capture card

ken-throws cards well with soulstelar i should continue on my journey I wonder what is the bird up to maybe I sould check him

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Wow the bird found a helper…
It is aquamurai which can be quite dangerous if I killed his friend , he will slayerbane me. I will wait till they got alone and take them out one by one. Gehahahahahahaha. For now, I will hide and wait for the right moments like a good predator does.

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flies to the jungle sees kenny

ken-for now I will hide

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“Hi,” I said warmly. “How are you?”. Up close, the red thing seemed to be a bird. It looked kinda cute. "Not great, " the bird responded. He went on to explain that he was being chased by a dragon, and that he was trying to get off the island. “I can help,” I told him. “How?” he asked. “Well, I need to get away, too. I don’t like jungles, you see.” The bird looked a bit confused. “Can you actually do anything to help?” “I’ve met a dragon once. Her name was Aeraki. Not too nice. Had weird red marks on her.” The bird looked very worried all of a sudden. “Hey!” I said, hoping to lighten the mood. “I forgot your name!” “I never told you my name,” the bird responded. “Can you now?” I asked. “No” the bird responded. "Oh well, " I responded. “I think I’ll call you Rhoshandiatellyneshiaunneveshenkoyaanisquatsiuth!” I told him. “What’s you name?” he asked. “Taumata Whakatangi Hangakoauauo Tamateapokai Whenuakitan Atahu, or Pok for short,” I responded. “What is it with you and excessively long names?” The bird muttered, “Call me Petrin.” I laughed. “Long names a the best! Petrin works, though.”


(Since I suspect a fight scene will break out soon, we should probably establish how they work. I’m thinking that we take turns, one person attacks, the other dodges, etc. Another idea is to basically coordinate the fight in private chats, so, if two of our characters fight, we would pm each other, write the scene, and then one of us would post it all at once. Suggestions?)