Hello! Looking for advice :)

Hello everybody! I was a huge fan of DIB and completed pretty much everything in it. I was also one of the first people on the DIB forums (first to reach 100 posts I think!)

Anyway, looking for some newbie advice:

I started up 3 files and am wondering if I have a good one:

1st- spark + miniceros
2nd- frostkit + night foal
3rd- brakie + flamogaru

Also, who’s the best starter and what are the good monsters from the first roll?


Hi EventHorizon and welcome to Hunter Island!

The best starter is purely up to preference, they’re all pretty much the same. As far as good monsters from eggs (if that’s what you mean), see this topic. You’ll especially want to get any of those.

Thanks for the reply!

Do the monsters in that list come out of the first roll we get? Those sound like final evo’s; and being a newbie I have no idea what their first evo is :slight_smile: could you tell me?



No, your first roll is a unique egg. You’re going to want to go for hatchlings. There’s a red one, blue one, green one, and…a light bluish green.

Bluey, Leafie, Ashie, Galey. Those are ideal first rolls.

The third quest gotten from Agramis grants 50 gold, which is what you need to get a gold egg on top of the provided 250. Spin…try to get the first wheel to land on “fever.” The jackpot is 5000 gold. Oh, and the system to time eggs is the same as DIB…but there are a LOT more monsters, and the speed is different.

Hi, welcome to the forums, EventHorizon!

Ashley and Tiberius pretty much nailed it! But if I were to offer you advice, I will tell you not to worry about grades (those are the S, A, B, C, D, and E letters you see on the card) and catch EVERY new monster you come by!

Mind you, grades can be important after you complete the story, but at the beginning it ain’t such a big deal. ;>

If you haven’t already, I recommend you check out the FAQ as well: http://www.hunterislandforum.com/index.php/topic/161-faq-frequently-asked-questions-about-hunter-island/