Need help with pvp team build and any suggestions

I need help building a team for pvp with the ones I have. Any advice is also good

swordragon should be the only light monster on the battlefield

  1. you have three flutterdrakes, evolve and use them.
  2. you need a protector. (it’ll make swordragon persist on the battlefield)
  3. use the monsters that have stunning entrance in the second line.
  4. tridrakhan, mulasem and banedragon together is a very good combo.
  5. you can use tezcatlipoca, atrahasis, mulasem and banedragon, with tridrakhan in the reinforcements.
  6. use cannibalize on tezcatlipoca, it’ll activate his poison all revenge.
  7. tridrakhan will enter the battlefield with stunning entrance, and you may be able to use atrahasis’ necromancy. (revive tezcatlipoca to use his revenge again)

I hope this helps :smile:

I chose the first seven monsters