Need Help Please!, I am currently on episode 11, and I am pissed off they have double of legandaries, and each time they are slaughtering me through throw or timestrike, help me please

give me some tips please

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Show us the enemy team and your current monsters

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Just use last bite monster,i beat it with ezz
Timestrike will be a waste of turn, throw just make the fight easier by killing the last rockoid /monster

These are mine, and enemies monster include two bahamuzars, two dolpheoneix,mecharex,lavaronix, hedkong,aegisdragone, hadeberius,celestrion, luxking,shadowboran , leogeust, snowgun, gaiakaizer,dragia at last

please help me bro, please I am stuck at it like from forever now

Go and get yourself a Galvbane


Use this monster to knockback one of the dolphoenix so you can stun lock using monsters with stun bomb (Raijin, Seaspine) stun then to above 400 sec so to charge your megabomb monsters(use all three of your megabomb). Then just skip behind your opponent using your ventokaizer until deperate double is ready.
And also go and get yourself a galvbane

there is a damn strong autoprotect mon at front with bahamuzar

This isn’t the order of the monsters?

nope, let me tell you the order,
and then like 12 rockoids😡
this is the order

i dont hv 1😅

Sorry for that,but when you get to the last 4 mon make sure you target dragaia first or else you gonna have a bad time also if you wanna do it quickly poison it, he have life flip self

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ok thanks bro, and any tip for egg hatching, as I am just new to the game, and each time I am hatching I am getting most of the times those monster, which I already have

Save up your gems for festival egg bro, killer dog have have your back! Search killerdog guide and find the ome where he put a link to egg hatcing stuff i will try to find it and link it here

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Found it

Wait,its outdated, youbknow what whatever
Just link the whole think, some may help

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by the thank you so much bro,:slight_smile:, I completed episode 11, with your advice, that last bite, instead I usead desperate strike of vichidaurus, thanks once again​:slight_smile:
and thanks for this egg guide too​:slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::blush:

That egg hatching guide is out of date, as Asdfmega said. The paragraph at the top gives the relevant tip for today:
The best eggs are typically those with 1.5x legendary drop rate and with a large number of limited legendaries and mythics, featuring monsters you don’t already have.

We’re seeing lots of eggs that feature just 3 legendaries at once. If you want the best odds on good legendaries then wait for ones which feature 4+ and/or have monsters that look very powerful. Festivals (1.5x chance on legendaries) are the ideal time to roll for obvious reasons. They come roughly every 1-2 months.

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I’ll believe it the day I see it


thank you so much KILLERDOG BRO, for advice,!

Galvbane does pair extremely well with Dolphoenix