[Need feedback] Please give us a hand

Yes go for it I would love it even though I wouldn’t be able to get it from the eggs cus I actually am poor but do it it’s great.

So what about my name suggestion :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

you guys really need to make event that offer more rare materials. or a sale that offers rare materials. I get your trying not to make the game pay too win but you should be rewarding those who do pay to keep the game going with an advantage. Being a new player I would be more then gladly pay for either 6 star tickets and rare ingredients. allow us to choose which legendary we get.

Need another monster with 4 form of evolution.
Add some way to get mythic ticket is a good choice too

Thanks, devs.

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Definitely don’t like the name. It’s too obvious and doesn’t feel like the name of a strong monster (which I think it’s meant to be).

The design on the other hand,it’s pretty cool. I’d just change a little bit the form of the snake part, cause right now it only seems to be an arm. I think it would look better with the following form:

(The tattoo would be in the circle)

When will this thing got released it has been 8 month

in spooky time

Put a pair of tits on it and we’re good to go!


Ahh this aged well.


@Dev_VKC dev does handsnake will ever be release?


It probably got transformed into a tiddy myth :pensive: