is it worth lvling up to 99? is it good for a team? 

Not really. Its stats arent all that good. Its moveset is decent but Vegitiger outclasses it in nearly everyway due to better stats and access to dracobane which takes out the all powerful dragons of the game as opposed to Naga’s fish and bird bane attacks.

ok, cause i was lving it up for the OM tonight and i saw its stats and thought it wasnt too great, but ill keep it for backup i guess

No dont waste your time lvling it up vegi is like the super version of it, and is much better (if you can get one)

WEll depends how many arks can fit your lineup & how many decent arks you have.

Back when I reached lvl 210 in ID & got another 21 musical scores, I didn’t have anymore 8+ star arks & he’s good enough to fill in one of the new 21 spots. He at least have the banes, true that vegi is better, unless you got it from egg or you have 560K diamonds, you don’t have access to it yet.

But if you have too many of 8+ star arks then yes it’s not that great anymore.