Help with a team?

Im not far in the infinite dungeon and I cant pvp ( dont know why ) So im trying to get further .

Im normally a brute strength guy but this wont work… Can some of u guys help me make a stun team to get me a bit further?

Can you list your top star Arks so we know what you’re working with?

Well destructor omegawyrm subzeratops necrodrake luxknight angelon and for the rest I need to check my app haha

Safe to say most fusions?

Any egg only stuff? (if not dont worry)

Once you get a chance to reply we’ll see about putting together some strategy that’ll get you moving a bit =D

The arks you’ve listed so far are all pretty solid for PVP with the exception of Necrodrake.  I’m not sure about everyone else’s view, but any holy ark will wipe him out relatively quick.  I don’t have a Destructor, but I’ve found him relatively easy to KO with either metal cut or rend from a holy ark.

I beleive Jeannette is more interested in the infinite dungeon, at least that’s what my impression was. I beleive they literally can’t connect to PvP.

Oh I thought she was talking about difficulty in PVP, my bad  :stuck_out_tongue:

No worries =)

Sorry guys im a HE haha and yeah mostly for dungeon because I can only pvp friends for some weird reason

What other arks are in your lineup aside from the ones listed above?

I dont know out of my head sorry , i think voltiger at least but im not sure, i dont have any healers or stunners

No worries, I figured you don’t have access to them at the moment.

Not currently no im at work so i cant check