My Tattoo

So hey people , so i’m showing you my first hawaiian tribal tattoo that i designed , tell me what ya think please . Hope you guys like it , i just love this kind of style i was looking at hawaiian culture tattoos and i seen there designs and it was awesome so seeing there stuff encourage me to design my own …

Here it is


U have this tattoo or u did this one with someone?

No this is my tattoo its on me lol , i just designed it and someone did it on me , 1 session 6 hours 2 breaks 1 hour each

U are well trained sir lol, on topic : it looks very cool but i dont like tattoo’s without Anything to stand for …
I mean did u make it because it was important to u or u just liked it?

Lol thank you sire
But I made it because the style looks awesome , but made 5 parts to it , my mom , twin sisters , dad , older sister & my second oldest sis that passed . As you can see her piece is the one with the birds and cross

In that case its beautiful

Lol thanks bud!

Make a tattoo of Don Penguini on your back. Like a boss

Lmao that would be sick … Ill keep that in mind xD

I see you lift bro.  The tattoo looks awesome!

Yeaa i lift! Gym head over here lol… & thanks man!

U made the design urself? Cuz I want a tattoo for my dead grandpa and i dont know what to do because i want his date of dying but something around it aswell , he has the weirdest date to die: 04/20/2004 but if u do it in dutch then u have 20-04-2004.

We write the day first then the month

Yeaa i drew that , & wow 2004 - 2004 - 20-04 / 2004 thats nuts

That is a pretty nice tattoo. I can’t draw at all lol. 

Lol awww , drawing is highly easy and thank you bro

Drawing is indeed easy but imagination is the thing

I don’t think drawing is easy at all. It only gets “easy” when you get the hang of it, but it definitely doesn’t start easy.

On topic: Amazing tattoo, man! The colors are amazing. Very nice job. ^^

Well when u indeed get the hang of it then its easy but the inspiration thing is the hardest

Yea thats true , because tracing isnt even easy niether , tracing will never look as good as the real thing

I think its awesome and off topic dang i can tell you lift