Another Sig Topic

Yeh don’t kill me for moving this over (Geomon peeps). I’ve finished school forever and incredibly bored lol

Anyways one of my favourite passtimes, aside from pulling apart software, is creating images with Photoshop. During my mucking around with the program I’ve been able to teach myself and create my own signature (or banners as some people call them) ‘styles’. I’m mostly interested to see what the community’s opinions are on them, so do leave feedback below, but will be taking requests if anyone wants one made like the examples here.

Style: Cultural Revolution (Simple but effective) (Red Themed only)

Style: Dreaming of you (Small Size Example) (Pinkish Themed)

Style: Soft Winds (Nature Themed)

Style: Graffiti Grade

Some Examples





Request Form
Style (Or personal style mix request):
Colour Scheme (If applicable, Defaults colours are shown above):
Size (Large,Medium,Small):

Again, general feedback would be great.

Wow those are great! Keep up the good work c:
And btw can you make me ine? I would like soft winds saying hunter island (for text 1 and 2) with a greenwing gliding above the ground (if possible) if not just a green wing or pre evo of him would work size medium

Well this is new, someone actually interested in my sig work hahahaha. Ill get it on it ASAP when I’m free today

Wait, what was the actually for? <_< Your signatures are really unique and I always think of you when I see something like them (I forgot what they were called) but you’ve definitely made your mark.

Right so idk what seems wrong with the way it came out. Might just be me but it looks…off. Let me know if you want anything changed. I made it slightly bigger because iv realized that my sigs are small on this forum site

edit: yeh I’ve pin pointed the ‘issue’. Arkadion images don’t like being resized, they come out blurrier than usual. I’ll see if I can make it look crisper if you want me to Kitty



Unique, yes. But I rarely get requests. Not that I’m complaining, its just a rare occurrence :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, I see. ^^ I feel ya, once I opened an art request thing and no one requested anything haha.

So you only work on these with Photoshop?

I wouldn’t work with anything else

Ah, haha. :P 

Well, keep up the good work, Sly! :>

I think it looks good sly :slight_smile: thx