I'm Bored

Any old friend of mine want to have a private match?

Sorry buddy, I don’t really play PvP anymore. :frowning:

I don’t either, mate. xD

But it’d still be fun, no?

I would… But my team is soooo old, and meh. Its all these destructors, and way to op should be 12 star I forgot because I’m super tired drake air type thingies. They are to good man ;-; Besides, I don’t think I have you added anyway. Lol

Tib, I actually don’t think I’ve ever played you even though I’ve wanted to. Add me my GC ID is also DropDoc

Kittty - awws :frowning:

DD - well I’m up for a match, though keep in mind that even though I have the monsters, I haven’t PvPed in ages. Ehehehe. I’ll add you over the weekend, I’m waaay too busy atm. looking forward to a fun match :smiley:

i started this game a week ago and my team is currently lv 42 archeonis c Rank

lvl 38 skywolf B rank

lvl 76 hydrowyrm B rank

lvl 51 Gremknight A Rank

lvl 75 soltusk A Rank

lvl 49 fireheart S rank

lvl 57 orcow B rank

lvl 38 levithan C rank

lvl 50 searex C Rank

lvl 30 inferneo B Rank

lvl 49 stegotops C rank

lvl 46 cherubion B rank

lvl 39 raptorex B rank

lvl 32 nilos C rank

lvl 44 musharoo B rank