My Hunter Island Team

Here is my Hunter Island Team. (right now I’m in the icy parts of the map)
Yes, I know it’s the best team ever :p. Don’t get too jealous lol (jk). oh, and give me tips on how to obtain guys like Luxknight and guys like Shadowlance. Ty :slight_smile:

-Archeonis LVL. 45 (A) *training
-Inferneo LVL 67 (S)
-Halopard LVL 66 (A)
-Skywolf LVL 66 (S)
-Stegotops LVL 65 (A)
-Fireheart LVL 66 (S)
-Searex LVL 65 (A)
-Pyroviper LVL 66 (A)
-Brakitorus LVL 65 (A)
-Tidalwhale LVL 66 (S)
-Leviathan LVL 65 (A)
-Raptorex LVL 66 (A)
-Flamogun LVL 65 (S)
-Duskroc LVL 66 (A)
-Pengboss LVL 66 (S)
-Hammertooth LVL 65 (A)
-Don Penguini LVL 66 (S)
-Pyrowyrm LVL 66 (A)
-Georex LVL 65 (A)

That’s pretty much my main team. :slight_smile:

*How do I find Nilos or Nilox, I’m trying to add him to my team but he’s just too rare :confused:

How to find Nilos? Well, catch it. Mountains east of Takran, if memory serves…but it probably doesn’t, so check in the “Where’s that monster” section. The pinned articles are great.

As far as recipes go, they are quite easy to get. Just make sure you have all of the quests in each city completed. Some of the best recipe monsters are obtained in quest chains, meaning that you can’t get the quest without completing the prerequisites.

WIth that being said, Plasmorex’s recipe is found after defeating a Pyrowyrm in the desert area. I believe that he’s in one of the minor city’s quests. There are two cities that you do NOT have to complete in the main questline, so make sure you go for them. Check the world map if you want. When you are out of town, simply click the Backpack at the bottom right, and click the map above the golden fairy.

The recipe for Shadowlance is the prize given to you after you complete a quest in…Kallaku, I believe. There might be a prerequisite, but I don’t really remember. The battle is between you and a bandit, located on the Kallaku Peninsula, south of the main city. 

Luxknight’s recipe is the prize given to you after you take a quest from Reijin AFTER you conquer the Tower (and maybe Tiamat as well, can’t remember). Simply return to Reijin and receive the quest that requires you to hunt and defeat the corrupt official. He is located north of the city, in the middle of the forest. Upon defeating him, you’ll get the recipe.

Magmawyrm, Typhonwyrm, and Omegawyrm are all recipes given through quests from Reijin. It’s simply hunting and defeating the dragons. Be careful, they are very tough. I recommend stunners, timestrikers, and dracobanes.

Angelon is another recipe quest. It is southwest of Reijin. After accepting the quest, go to the very last portion of the mountain range. You’ll be rewarded with the recipe once you defeat it. It’s a very tough battle, so be careful.

Dreadwolf and Tremorback are the fusions of the starters. I believe they are obtained in Yelan, but I’m not sure. Perhaps they were the Hydrowyrm and Leviathan quests given in Yelan, but I cannot guarantee that I’m correct.

Idk. Just go to Kallaku, Yelan, and Reijin and finish those quests. But again, make sure that all the previous quests have been completed first.

Thanks 4 the info. ^^

No problem.