Help on my team PLZ

Hunter island team

Voltyke lvl 20
Glazio lvl 41
Rockfin lvl 29
Bouldon lvl 29
Raptorex lvl 34
Blazewing lvl 29
Gigaceros lvl 34
Cold heart lvl 40
Fire heart lvl 38
Gold ram lvl 19
Skywolf lvl 18
Remus lvl 25
Snows tag lvl 19
Moji lvl 27
Seaspine lvl 24
Plasmodios lvl 25
Pharohcat lvl 25
Chopper bug lvl 27
Prickster lvl 23

Right now I’m in this guys laboratory basement in the underground place
I got most my monsters by golden eggs
I’ll end some tips and tricks plz

When I played through I used 3 main ones who at that point were probably mid 70s. I recommend picking 3 and keep with them till you get near the end where you can train on bite schools.