Musician Here!

Hello everyone!

I’m malletgirl, I play percussion (i.e. I hit things). I actually have an interesting connection to this game. I started out playing Dragon City back when Ashley was still with that game, and found out about Dragon Island Blue through that. I’d heard they were developing a new game but didn’t look into it much. I randomly logged into DIB the other day (hadn’t played in a while) and saw that Hunter Island was finally up! Looks like I"m not too far behind though :slight_smile:

It also seems like there’s a pocket of people here who are from the Geomon community? I played that game for a while too but it had nothing to do with me finding this one. 

My favorite ice cream is cookie dough, I love coke in the glass bottles, and my favorite TV show is Colbert Report.

Welcome to the forums!!!  Hope you enjoy your stay here. :slight_smile:

Ah yes!  A lot of people including me, lyrux (jjchen), kookaburra (reset), Flygon (well duh flygon99), sita (destinied) and a lot of other geomon players are here! 

Hello! I play an instrument too! For me, violin!


I play guitar, tuba, baritone and bass trombone!

Musicians ROCK

Welcome to the forums

Im here too :stuck_out_tongue:
I also play the French Horn.

Welcome to the forums, percussionist Malletgirl! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a fledging oboist. x>

Welcome to the forums hope u enjoy your stay. I hope to see u around.