I’m super intrigued by the new legend Mulasem with its ability burning up.

Since it dies every time it attacks and keeps being reborn does that mean it can spam Raw Posion Storm since it is a “new” mulasem every time it comes back into battle?

I’m going to assume yes.

Played with the new poison moth is deadly

Yes that is the idea. Ity entrance passive will work every time. I’m glad it got low speed and is susceptible to Defang. But I’m not sure if Draco can One shot it with Defang or counter strike due to it being fire element. . .

An additional info from dev team,
Mulasem is a mule not horse.


Mules can’t reproduce, so monster design makes no sense now :stuck_out_tongue:

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Can we expect a mare who loves to help reproduce stuff with the mule?

That’s the horse mythic lol.

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