New Dragon

Devs be releasing monsters like these and then say no to an Arborgias buff smh

Looks pretty sick tho


Basically just wrecks a vigziarid user lmao

What a waste of such an amazing design

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Not a dragon but looks cool

ScolopenDRAGON but a bug type :laughing:

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The RNG is annoying with this one which kinda ruins it as a PvP monster, but there are still fun combos to try out, e.g. whisper of evil with Deviladus. But oh, wait, who actually has Deviladus? :joy: Jk, even though she’s not the best, I would really like to try out some combos…

Doesn’t it only apply to his first death bite? Other death bites doesn’t have that randomness atleast from what the description says. It definitely becomes a threat if it gets a kill

It’s even better because since can be used with OoO.
Kill one random monster, then you most likely can manage can snipe one-two more kills while the sleep lock is still going (Oniblade style) and it will not be THAT impossible to get to use the SS.


Gremoris invoke

But how will u get the first kill

I was thinking of Gremoris too. She can contribute to the Sleep lock anyway.

It’s gonna be a PvE heavy monster. Maybe with a FL like:


Gremoris in 5th
Mechaviathan/Lavaronix in 6th

The moment it gets a kill, the opponent has 300 TU to take it out before Death Bite IV, and all the while they will be slowly losing monsters.

Tbh I think I’m going to use this one in PvP. It’s just the kind of weirdly niche monster that I would use

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You’re right! Only the first one will be RNG, which is nice!

However, I thought about another big weakness this monster will have: if it has used one death bite and it’s knocked back, it will probably become a huge dead weight. It’s like the situation we had with Djinzar. It really should have Unmovable.


Dude a broken unit in pve
That third bite is broken as f man

A skill that can’t be redirected and kill the target and if potted. Can be used at 85 tu
And in a dr team in pve, u can grab a kill from a monster in hg

400TU. It’s just used a 100TU move and needs to use 3x100 more.

Yeah, a HUGE counter to it


try it with motordragĂłn


Cool design :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


If nikki steals the kills then he is done for.