utter disappointments

Can u for god sake fix the auto skip bug before timer runs out !! LIKE ANY SOONER ???

Players are already leaving neo and neo is just more and more lacking !!!


This has happened to me as well. It’s a tough one to fix because the timer displayed on the screen is not the time used to determine the 30 seconds. They use the server timer.

Server timer is more accurate because it isn’t effected by laggy phones as the on screen timer is. As a rule of thumb I try and make my move within the first 20 seconds to account for the possibility of lag on my on screen timer.

Not sure how they can fix it🤔

It works fine in evertale…

I’m writing this post cos it happened to me at 10 seconds left…

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I made a post saying I had about 10 secs left, maybe just under and people questioned it. The struggle is definitely real :sob:

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It has happened to me 3-4 times this season. It’s so frustrating cos my brain already cannot decide quickly which monster to kill and now this. :triumph::triumph:

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My brain struggles as well😂

Yeah 10 seconds is stupid.

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