I found this moth have a problem . we didn’t know what element he belonged to before hatching.

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What are it’s skills, specifically what metamorphosis move does it have?

when we meet a pupupa. We don’t know what attribute it is.

It shows earth element

Arent all pupuas earth?


They are all earth.

we don’t know which moth inside the pupupa.beacause all the pupupa are earth.

Wait, I think I have it. Based on it’s index number, it’s the Pupupa for Dreamoth.

Lol… All pupua are Earth … But the butterflies have color variants even in nature ! Accept it !

Knowing what’s gonna hatch isn’t gonna help since u got to kill the pupua regardless … Every moth is dangerous

If you can’t handle it, how do you reduce the loss? Especially you don’t know what element he is .

How do u plan to handle it by knowing what’s going to hatch out :thinking:
All moths have same passives though…

For example. the opposite is a mistmoth. And you have four stunconverters.but you don’t know his element.

I wouldnt pop out and use metamorphosis if my enemy has 4 stun converters/counters, that would be dumb I suppose if I were using storm moth

If you don’t know his element, you will deal with he immediately, then your opponent will thank you very much.

This example is not very good.:smile:

Maybe I need my friend —kocowind to express my point of view, :sweat_smile::joy:

I was going to complain about this too, but I think it’s on purpose that we don’t know which will hatch from the Pupupa. We’ll end up learning which is the most likely, given the team we see it in. I vote that we wait until people get all the moths and see what it’s like to play against before deciding whether or not we want them all to be earth.

Can you run all the moths even? Since they all turn into pupa so we can’t have them all at once but they are not the same? I really would like to have 3 pupas with bloom whale protecting them.

It’s not recommendable, since every moth has it’s own different strategy surrounding it.

And if all of pupupas die then you’ll be having a smack