Intended or not?

Lately I’ve fought the currently last battle of the online story, during the battle I evolved Pupupa and then I wondered if the Burning Moth Skill would do much damage, it did, the boss only had 7000 Hp left so I wasn’t wondering about his death, but can this move finish him in one go? It would make it way too easy, it isn’t the hardest boss even without this skill, but it makes him seem ridiculous, I had more problems with the fight against Bastion. So I don’t think this should be like this, it should do less damage. What’s your opinion on this?

I think it’s fair I think some devs said the moths are high risk high reward monsters so if you can evolve them you get a very strong monster.

I don’t see the risk, its pretty easy evolving them.

The damage isn’t very high compared to what you can do with blood moves or some other piercing moves. You sacrifice the powerful moth in order to do it. Totally balanced in my mind, especially because you have to go through the Pupupa before.

Take a look at Solariel, a legendary that is easy to get with hold ground, good defence and stunning entrance. The secret skill is “ultimate sacrifice”, another very powerful move that can be used on the first turn. Much easier to set this up than the Pupupa -> Moth.

They are not flexible enough, so I have not evolved any of them until now.

The poison one is very powerful it instantly poison everyone and can poison massacre the ennemie combine this with any monster that can make him back in backup and when you enter again Boom another free poison massacre

:face_with_raised_eyebrow:. He is only available in the rare egg!

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Then the boss seems even more ridiculous, that means he can be onehitted.