some questions about pupupas

So I am thinking about buying mistmoth for pve but there is no info in shop regarding.

  1. will I get +9 tu moth if I trigger ultimate transformation or do I have to pot it with potions

  2. can I pot it further. Will it only affect 2nd form or will it make myth form even faster? Also what about incomplete transformation?


Don’t by Pupas

  1. No

  2. No

Advice: ask for buffs.


Buff Pupupa!


Even if world breaks into two , u NEVER buy moths from ticket shop !

I’d buy a moth in exchange for 7 legend tickets.

I wish the pots did carry over. That would be the best way to do it I think. Also, they should be really cheap in the shop considering they were given for free like SEs from events originally.

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Alright got it. Maybe I’ll go for atrahasis/doom engine but their tu seems too high in comparison of mons coming nowdays . What are the other good options?what about Stratustrike,sanctalion. Btw I looking for pve only and already got dusi.

Doomengine is never the option don’t buy it .Choose anything from shop only ones or the mons in the first page they are worth it if you have the setup for them.
Note- Bahamuzar isn’t worth 12 tickets and deo isn’t very viable anymore so reconsider before you think of buying them

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If it’s for pve then athra is the best choice
Note-Theres also gold and ankou who are exceptionally good but they need setups where athra is mostly used