Motar monsters rework

Here is my idea to rework motor monsters.

Motar monsters can use there skills for higher tu but if the load a motar they have skill reduction and certain skills require a motar.

Here is my rework to load motar

Load motar: 50tu apply shield and your next skill is reduced by 100 tu and this skill cant be used twice in row. (Which means you cant abuse it for 50tu shield thats why i placed that restriction)

Now lets take a example gryphking

Chrono breaker motar: it will be 150tu but does not require motor to be used.
Give turn double:150 tu requires motar.
Healing motar 150 tu does not require motar.
Load motor 50 tu description as the above.

With this rework motar monsters either load a motar to get 100 seconds reduction on there next skill or pay higher tu.

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I agree motordragon needs a buff


Dear Ahmed4BH, it’s mortar. MOR-TAR.

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Motor xD

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This is the point with mortars. Higher load, lower attack. If they change this botanic will become crap, and gryph wouldn’t be able to gt rapidly.

And ive said this before. There’s nothing wrong with the mortar monsters, they only need more Mortars that are more available.

Personally I think as along as load motar is the same as it is it will be unplayable.

You don’t know what you’re talking about

Well am talking currently with the current monsters.

You barely see any motar monsters being used.

I only see fire one since hes pretty much the best one out of all motar monsters able to consume rocks for 1 second load to kill. I think rafstar what was his name using it at end game. And there is the bunker used in oni teams. Other then those two no motar is being used.

If there is needed buff to them then i suggest making them all stun, sleep and poison immune, splitting them away from normal meta making them independent in their own way

I think thats too much, using there skills for higher tu and load motar to lower it seems balanced to me.

Like chrono breaker motar 150 without load motar. If you load a motar its 50 tu

I humbly disagree with your suggestion.

Why do they need a buff if you gain all the pieces they are insanely strong and can fit into most teams even as a stand alone

I think it’s good… You can either choose to do shielded damage or just do damage based on situation…

Some skills ignore HG . That should happen only when mortar is loaded…

This is interesting. I agree that piercing strikes should be entirely limited to loadable skills. It’s just too cheap and easy to instantly pierce hg. I feel that hg has too many counters


So a tweak to ahmed’s suggestion would be make all damaging mortar skills to be useable without having to load mortar and non-piercing.
And have load mortar decrease TU and cause that attack to Pierce hold ground.

I think this will make mortar mons more common and less reliable on having to collect them all.

but then there is captainwhiskers!! :neutral_face::neutral_face:

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but your paying with higher tu which would balance it out. and certain skills like give turn double has to have load motar for balancing reasons.

As long as certain moves are loaded needed then ok just don’t want it to become unstoppable imagine gryph no load needed

Mortar monsters need no buff. Just make more so that more players will have them. They’ll be more enticed to use them if they have a few to try and combo with.

Right now, they have no synergetic combo in a full mortar lineup. Well…apart from the Botan-Gryph-Bunker combo which is really good but strictly limited. Individually they all have their certain niche, e.g bunker in OoO teams.

Anyway, simply put, introduce new types of mortar mons and make them more accessible.

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We need an updated egg pool with a few mortars.

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Lol you havent seen mortars like how @Saul1417 uses them, suggestion is not welcomed, next