More high level content?

Anyone else hitting the leveling wall?

I’m currently working my team up to 99, (I am on the quest to kill Tiamat, buts that’s the only one I got) with the occasional break to farm starters and hatchlings, but omg I’m getting bored… Lol

I would kill for some more quests, another higher level zone, something. My team is all 75 and it’s just so blah. Tap, kill, tap, kill, tap, kill… Lol

Anyone else feel this way? My collection, for catchable anyways, is almost complete… I just don’t know what to do to break up the drone of leveling up lol.

have you tried doing the infinite dungeon? That’s after you defeat tiamat.

Lol I got to defeat her first. I’m getting various tips on what level my team needs to be to beat her, so I’m just gone grind them up a bit more before I try. Sides, 30 99’s and I get that neat dark dragon so I mean… Lol that’s something to aim for.

I apologize, that was a really bad way of wording it haha. I meant try Infinite Dungeon after you defeat Tiamat. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately I can’t help you with your team - my information is so outdated. :frowning: Good luck is all I can offer.


Anyone know a good strat on beating Tiamat?

You mean besides being overleveled? Well Im pretty sure i read somewhere where someone had three stunskin arks all die and stun tiamat followed by several flash bombs form stormfoxes and then a gremknight timestriking it till it died. Though how your going to navigate your way through the dungeon and taking on those ark encounters using a bunch of stormfoxes is beyond me.

Ya that’s what I was thinkinhg
Lethal milk do u have the quest to beat a omega wyrm

Best practice is to get as close as you can via checkpoint and just before you get to the battle with tiamat change you teams arrangement to what you described. Omega and a few others should be able to get you to tiamat and the rest set up as the stun team…


Not anymore. Beat it a while ago using the good old fashion beatdown.


I guess thats one way to get around the dungeon though really if you managed to get omegawyrm before you beat tiamat, I dont think you need a stun team to beat tiamat.

Strat against Tiamat:

Raioh, Raioh, Raioh, Thunderfox, Thunderfox, Thunderfox … Thunderfox, Voltiger/Gremknight.

Timestrike. Battle finishes.

PVP will keep you entertained.