Defeating Tiamat?

So, I am gearing up for my first fight against Tiamat, and I was wondering, what level should my team be in order to have a decent chance of beating her?

Right now they are all roughly level 67.

99’s is best or else u Will get defeated


Lol, tyty

You should be alright with a couple of 99s and a majority above lvl 80 I believe. 

you probably already defeated tiamat… if not here is a lame strategy that works really well (actually it works too well in my opinion and is kinda lame)

get yourself some kentuckys (East of Finam, in the grass) and a chopperbug (Handal, 6 right, 1 up).

fill the first 3 places of your line-up with kentuckys then a chopperbug, rest kentuckys.


kentuckys will probably stun tiamat when the die so next comes your damage dealer, chopperbug.

just strike with him and have one kentucky use stun gift so you can keep tiamat stunned the whole time until chopperbug finishes him off (he deals enough dmg, trust me!) :slight_smile:

kentuckys are easy to catch if you have built up some silver :slight_smile:

Why not get storm foxes and mechadinos?

Or you use brute force and kill him with power, like i did. 3 lvl99’s and the others were lvl-50

my team was all between lv 50-80 when i beat her so its definitely doable without lv99ers

thats just a tactic guys… there are a lot of ways to do it.

and btw: im not sure if stormfox can stun on death right now.

Storm fox is not stun on dead but sacrifice to auto stun

Well kentucky strategy above works well for those who don’t wanna grind

If you wanna grind, go to “biteschool” spot easy lvl 99 in 30 min

yeah thats also an easy strategy just getting your arks up to level 99. sooner or later you want to do that anyways ^^

I have to deal with Tiamat right now and all of my arkodions are in the high sixtys- high seventys

Bite school spot???

Please, where is that?

Deucalis, 3 south 1 west. at the coast.

All my monsters were about lvl 70-99 and on my first go Tiamat defeated me but on the next one I just used the help of some other Arks I’ve captured and I defeated her easily.