Monsters Balance Ver. 2.49

Tbh the restrictions on vixienblade can be played around easily, and has better stats and defenses options

For me i would play them same style, fast sweeping with piercing. While vixienblade offers better options


Hey Oh yeah, I didn’t notice it was the last form :sweat_smile: thanks. So everything’s OK

Berry’s movement damage is zero without his SS. Melancholy Strike fails to kill Plume, its antidote’s damage has been slightly improved but it’s still worse than before. Assassination and slb don’t kill anything. Why this ?

I didn’t take the correct screenshot. But basically I used antidote on Gier and kanna and Gier survived. I remember the month with her SS she could do the one shot reliably but now …

That was probably RNG. We didn’t touch Berry’s other skills except her secret skill.
We planned to buff her. Did players usually use Attack Boost as her first move?
What we had in mind is that she can be a good counters to many earth monsters since many of them have HG. If the change appears to be a nerf, we will seriously consider changing it back.


But if you compare with infernicorn/naturghoul ss, who basically mandatory on his play. This doomgoo (+1 or +2 ss) its Too cheap man.

I always used the SS first if there was 25 TU before the next monster, it was basically required to guarantee 1 shots and a very useful tool!

I think Melancholy Maul brings versatility but it was also a nerf at the same time because she won’t be able to 1 shot as well anymore. So sort of a lateral movement?

Thats why i said 15 cost is the right area

I mean, it still makes sense for them to increase the SS cost to (+3). We’re lucky they didn’t nerf the other parts.

We Will have a war here ,If they remove S.O.D focus or Increase the TU☠️

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I’m really happy about how they solved it, it was the perfect way imo. If it’s still too powerful, I think +10 TU to Spear of Despair could be a good balance but I don’t think it’s needed anymore.

The RNG only applies for antidote. But for assanisat and slayerbane the damage is just too low to kill anything. I used it for a while last season and the ss was always there first option unless you want to hit a Se or an earth monster or you can test your luck using its weak antidote. The boost is really useful. Melancholy maul is strong but the old one was much better and what’s more it’s 160tu which is too much for so little. So yes it would be good if you give him his old SS

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Would you mind explaining why the hell you’re comparing a legendary to one of the strongest mythics in the game?


Because he uses it after the stun, he overvalued it :confounded:

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Btw buff suikensi his main move dual slayerbane fails to kill most of mons now a days and too squishy as compared to other myth.

Am comparing cost wise, how can one of the best mythics in the game cost same as a legendary

I know you’re only complaining about doomgoo getting a slight nerf because you use it, but that same reasoning can be used for a few dozen mythics and about 100 other legendaries. At that point it’s just whether or not you’re pushing for all mythics to have their cost increased.

On average, mythics will be better than legendaries in both strength and cost efficiency. It’s common sense for vixenblade to be superior since you’re comparing one of the strongest mythics to one of the strongest legendaries. I’d take doomgoo over most of the mythics below B tier and that’s pretty good all things considered. Doomgoo is still one of the stronger S+ tier legendaries so stop complaining lol

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You didn’t understood.Giving a domogoo 16 cost is absurd instead should have made ss 50 tu and spear of despair 100 tu which would have been great.
Mr.x also agree to it. :wink:

I use it correct, and i dont care if it gets nerfed, he is easily replaceable. If he was to be nerfed tu increase was the way

But am using logic, how can a legendary cost the same as the one of the best mythics in the game. Something is not right

Monster cost is one of those things that justifies spending for Mythics. If the system was logical at all, the strongest mythics would cost way more than they do now. But they have to be somehow more appealing than legendaries, and one way how that is achieved is that they often cost less than the strongest legendaries. I don’t agree with it either but I understand why it is like that.

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And thats not right, whats the point of balance, if mythics will cost same as legendaries have better stats and skills.

And any legendary that somewhat competes with a mythic gets nerfed

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I am sorry that your 51tu cloner sweeper with focus and ability to kill almost anything costs more than it used to.