💭 Monster Design Ideas Mega Thread 💭

Awesome design, double bloodlust is too good on a mythic that has such a qucik and easy way to charge itself.

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I was gonna give it one, but then i thought about Jurlungur, although it has all elements its still powerful with 85% speed and piercing for 100sec lol,it wouldn’t be very fast though
and is it your Birthday?

Thanks, but what about Exo though it has 59tu killling move i think

Exo is patheticly slow and will in mist cases have a real hard time getting 2 kills to charge bloodlust in general

it is my bday and so far its been the worst one ive ever had. :frowning:


You know he is like 30 speed right? And the amount of people that run him like me can be counted on one hand right now? Most people at the moment run him with rocks

Me personaly tend to charge him but still


Some sort of water vapour monster. misty Appearance.


ACTIVE - Stealthbane


ACTIVE - Sneak Attack

ACTIVE - Light Fog (70tu) - There is a 50% chance to apply stealth to each monster on the battlefield.

SS - Evaporate (1tu) - this attack soaks up and removes all poison status effects on the battlefield and replaces them with stealth effects.

PASSIVE - Liquid State - this monster cannot be critically hit and is immune to piercing moves.

PASSIVE - Fluidity - This monsters attack will increase 50% every time it deals damage to an opponent.

Stats -

Full Defence type.
60-80 speed.
water element

IDK what’s the name, but here’s a fan art.



Soul imitation - every time a monster enter the battle field allies/enemies there is 35% chance to create a copy of it with only 1HP next line of reinforcement.

Poison counter - this ability grant all teammate poison immunity

PS: if poison counter is too OP here’s an alternate passive

(Harden carapace)


Blood crave(100sec) - (~~~)

Soul devour(70sec) - this skill hits 1 teammate and immediately kills it and fully heals all teammate (can only be used to monster that has been summon by this monster)

Double repulse(150sec) - (~~~)

Luminescent wip(50sec)limit(5) - this skill hits 1 enemy and knock them randomly on opponent reinforcement, this skill can’t be redirect (this skill can only be used after 250sec has passed since it’s first turn of this monster, and this ability can’t be use or work if there is a monster that has ability called gravity field or unmovable)

Secret ability
Tornado(70sec) - this skill hits all monster in the battle field and repulse them(this ability can only be use after 50sec has passed since it’s first turn of this monster, and this ability can’t be use or work if there is a monster that’s has an ability called gravity field or unmovable)


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(Please name this monster. )

Rarity : legend, Element : holy.

Stats (rounded), speed : 95%

Active skills: (every move ignore hg and shield.)

Mortar slash (100 sec) deals medium damage, deals critical if enemy has mortar skills.

Charge slash (100 sec) same as above, critical if enemy has charge skills.

Mark slash (100 sec) critical if enemy has mark skills.

Blood finisher (70 sec) requires to use every move above and one kill to use, deals critical damage afterwards.

Secret skill : Nullify death : this skill gives user (Nullifier) passive ability but the user will die after 150 secs.

Passive: Team leader: Every time a teammate dies this monster’s skills seconds will reduce by 20%.

Second passive : Front line shield.

Rate this monster and my move making skills.

In my opinion, it’s like that sameorai. I think you should name the skill like mortar stoper, charge stoper and mark stoper, something like that.

Overall great idea.

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guys this is the DESIGN thread, the MOVESET thread is over here → 💡 Monster Skill/Suggestion Box 💡

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Good catch! I forgot they were two separate threads!

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Moku’s rival lol


Let’s see how many people get this reference

Name: Sir Tenebrous

Type: Humanoid

Element: Dark

Rarity: Legendary

Stats: Standard Def

Speed: 50% or lower.

Active skills:

Headbutt (30sec): Deals minor damage, part of the damage is reflected to the user.
Kick (50sec): Deals medium damage and increases the enemy’s seconds by 15. This is not a stun skill.
Berserk attack
Link Demoralize

SS: None shall pass: This monster blocks the next active source of damage, no matter what. This is not a protect skill. The monster gains a protect icon which is removed after the damage is sustained.

Passive skills:

'Tis but a scratch: This monster is revived at 50% health every time it dies, but loses one of its active skills upon every death. The monster is defeated after it loses its last active skill.



just a flesh wound

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should be around 55-60% speed but other than that,great concept

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Id just say you’d have to change Link Demoralize to something else to avoid a softlock if all it’s other skills are gone and you have no link