Monster Bonuses

Why change the bonus? Is this not beneficial to anyone? It only compensates for full +9 longtime players. While the events now try to cut the bonus legend to 1


If you look also weakens the effect of the potion at various stages. for example 100tu +9 to 85tu. It should have been 84tu.


I’ve looked at it and find it very annoying, why, it’s extremely hard to earn bonus now that using 1.2 pots doesn’t change at all.

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I agree with @VNchaohunter.

U r right. Now, potion’s efort is +3→5% +6→10% +9→15%.


Some veteran players will be happy because they are almost max + 9, and I join the game later and will have to split the bonus among a lot of legends.

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I liked the diminishing returns, but it also makes sense having a linear boost.

However, I think the game benefitted lots from letting us make small adjustments to the TU of the skills. Only having up to 4 different speeds limits this.

Also, I hope that now we get more bonus potions as rewards. Trying to get +9 monsters is exceptionally hard, even +6 is very hard for people to do.


I think is a synchronization between Dev’s Legend and Mythic. they created too many mythic, perhaps a warning to change the trend of Mythic is the mainstream in the future

Completely agree. Sometimes the perfect TU for a monster was +4. .depending on who I wanted to get the first turn…

I’ve been complaining about this for a long time! Desperately needed now. They have reduced the pots recently so going in wrong direction. . .
@Dev_VKC we need more pots please!


I have an idea for a long time. That is separating Bonus legend from the monsters I don’t use and use for other monsters. Has long been a function of adding Bonus, let’s add the function of splitting Bonus to Dev

I’m confused, was anyone complaining about this or asking for them to rework the potion system?

I can’t figure out why this happened lol


This seems like a drastic enough change that we should have had a change to reallocate potions once to adjust. People wasted a lot of potions to bonus certain monsters and now that benefit was substantially taken away… maybe there’s a better plan out there, but that’s how I would have done it.


It fits mythics better.

However, I’d argue the old system fitted them well enough. First shard you get ~10% decrease to skills, second shard you get 15% decrease and third shard you get to awaken them… nice jump in power from each shard!

I’ve slept on it and I agree with what I wrote a few hours ago. Making it a linear boost is acceptable but please make it go up with every +1 rather than every +3, to let us customise the speed of our monsters more for certain interactions. There was no need to limit this. Also, please give us more legendary potions as rewards so that +9 is achievable.

This bonus potion change has unfortunately put a downer on the whole update which is otherwise looking great. Everyone’s monster collection has been “nerfed” (slowed down). Personally, I had been working on getting all the legendaries I like to +5 for the past few years. I was incredibly proud of my +5 collection…
In total I have 64 legendaries at +5 or better.
I have 46 at +0-4.
Of those 46, 17 of them I actually care about but 13 are +3-5, don’t need to be potted or have been purposefully left there (e.g. Revenarchion +1 because it doesn’t carry over bonus, Heavenswyrm +4 because it is in the normal egg pool, Centaureon +3 because it has roaring entrance).
Hence I have 81 legendaries I care about having +5 and there are only 4 I don’t have potted.

My collection has gone from having almost all my good legendaries “maxed” to being 1/3 of the total bonus they can get. I’ll need about 80 legendary potions to get them to +6 to reclaim some of that bonus, on top of the potions I’ll need for new monsters I get.

@Dev_VKC I hope this kind of personal example makes you reconsider. It shows what impact this update has had to players, even if the new setup of bonus looks fine in theory.


Just to make clear, most of my legendaries are at +5 because that was a good place to stop potting, so now im kinda forced to use 30ish pots to make 30 monsters to +6? I don’t agree with this at all


I don’t exactly understand what happened but I’m mad too!

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There should be one custom so we can adjust all bonus legends

For move TU…

Bonus Old system New system My proposal
+0 0% 0% 0%
+1 3.3% 0% 1.7%
+2 6.15% 0% 3.4%
+3 9% 5% 5.1%
+4 11.3% 5% 6.8%
+5 13.6% 5% 8.5%
+6 14.2% 10% 10.2%
+7 14.8% 10% 11.9%
+8 15.4% 10% 13.6%
+9 15.8% 15% 15.3%

My proposal allows for more tweaking and it saves what people have been working on for years. Also, I’d like to see more legendary potions available since there is now benefit going further than +5.


I think if I get a bonus from a legend, I need to pay 1 gem

Most of my monsters are at +5 !
What do I do now lol . I don’t have any potions now


I also like you a lot of legend +5, so after the update I was almost crazy about this system


Me too. I have many +5 mosters…