Missing Fusion Recipe

I have beat the game and done all the quests, yet there is one fusion recipe I am missing. I rechecked every place to see if there was something and there was nothing left

Which recipe are you missing? I assume you missed Maldan. it’s south of Geat. Go check!

I think it may be the Dreadwolf Recipe. If Dreadwolf is Glazio+Pig then never mind. It might be Marspin then. I just checked Maldan again, but there’s nothing there

If it’s the Dreadwolf recipe, then it has nothing to do with Maldan. That comes from the leviathan quest from Yelan. You may be the victim of a bug if you beat it already. In that case, we’ll need the developers fixing it and finding a way to ensure you can get it. I’m not sure what else it could be.

Oh ok thanks anyways! I was just curious