I cannot seem to find the recipe for dreadwolf, plz help me


You get it from killing the three leviathans at the ice area (side quest obtained from Yelan). 


Hmmm I’m almost positive I killed the three leviation, but didn’t get the recipe…

I’ve visited every town already and there’s no side quests left for me, but I’m missing both the Raijoh? recipe and Dreadwolf ):


That’s where I got the recipe… unless they changed it since release. 


Did you return to town after you’ve killed the leviathans? The game won’t save unless you return to town. And also double check if there’s recipes with a pig like shadow + a lion(?) Glazio shadow.


Oh nevermind…I did have him…my bad!

What’s the recipe above Raijoh and the one to the left of Dreadwolf? And how do I get them?


Finish up the game first and look for them afterwards. Surely you’ll have all the quest for recipes.


Wait…I’m pretty sure I’ve finished the game. You only get the infinite dungeon after you complete the game right?

There’s no more side quests for me except the Omegawyrm one and I’ve checked every town…


Including the ones with the (!) ? Some of these are recipe quests. Make sure you’ve checked every one of them. Including in crescent isle.


There are story quests and side quests. You can beat the game only through doing story quests, but you should also do all the side quests.


I still cant find the recipe and i beat those three leviathans


I beat them and all i got was money… No recipe


Grr i killed those 3 leviathans but im not getting the dreadwolf recipe !

Btw where is mandal?


Wrong thread Sharek…


Woops lol


Where do you find the two guys to make a dreadwolf? Thanks