Hi was wondering were do you get the dreadwolf recipie and also where do you find the monsters to make it

I don’t know how to get the recipe, but you need blizzard (frostkit) and soltusk (snortling) to fuse it.

Frostkit > found in first spot above Orlen.

Snortling > found in fourth spot above Orlen.

Ok well i could get them but just need the recipe thanks for the help

i think it’s from the quest that you kill the Leviathans on which is in the last town in the winter place i think

Ok I do have that quest so ill try and deafeat them

As MyButter said, it’s one of the side quests nearer the end of the story so just crack on and you’ll get it :slight_smile:

I have finished all quest and never found the recipe :frowning: any suggestions would be appreciated
please disregard, im sure i do have it, just didnt know which one it was, THANKS

It’s a bug. If you don’t go back to town after defeating leviathan and if you finish the game, you lose dreadWolf recipe forever

Do u have to beat the game to find frostkit and snortling in those locations…?

Nope, you can go to those spots at any time