Missing a recipie

Its in the bottom left on the second page i think it might be dreadwolf but im in yelan and no quest please help

Same for me. 

Dreadwolf recipe seems lost forever  if

  • you kill the 3 leviathans from Yelan quest 

  • and finish the game before going back claiming your reward in Yelan

I finished the game (same excellent addicting stuff as Dragon Island) and trying to complete the missing monsters.


I seem to be lacking dreadwolf recipe (left of dynabird), which seems to be the reward from the 3 leviathans in Yelan. I reminding killing those but never got the reward.


Now that I finished the game reward seems lost forever as all habitants of Yelan are just saying the usual stuff.


Any idea ? Do I need to recipe to combien monsters if I find the individual parts ?


PS : my quest log was and still is empty.

Same here

Oh that’s what that receipe is. Yeah I’m on the same page as you guys I remember that quest aswell

Isn’t dreadwolf on the fifth page? I thonk the one you guys are talking about is marspin

The Dread Wolf recipe is on the fifth page. I’m not sure what the one you are talking about is because I am missing that one also. I am looking for the Luxknight and Barricadus recipes. Can you get them by doing the story or do you need to purchase the recipe with gold?
I am looking for the mechadino recipe as well.

The one that people seem to be missing is the marspin recipe and i have no idea how i ended up getting it unfortunately… and the mechadino is a quest in the desert about monsters in a cave i think… i remember fighting a group of them in a cave in the desert atleast. Sorry the only info i have is vague 

I can’t find the luxknight and barricadus recipes also…
I’ve done every single side quest I know of, and I’ve not missed out maldan

i found my marspin recipe in one of the peninsulas by Larkel

Im missing Barricadus, Raijen and another one :mellow:
I have already beaten the game and all side quests but still dont got the recipes.

me 2,beated the game but can’t find all recipes

Some recipes are gained by fighting a man who always excavates the caves and etc. You obtain raiohs fusion I recall. Mechadino I think was the quest where you were sent off to the pyramid to stop a strange monster from attacking archeologists. I cannot remember where barracadious was. As for the Leviathans, someone should tell one of the admins or ask in bugs. Marspin is found at the little peninsula near larkel. When I was missing some recipes I went to every town and checked the guild. Maybe someone missed a quest? To get some quests later on you need to do the first one. ( ex the man who excavates caves and etc, you must beat him in the first one then the second and so on. ) Hope you guys get the other recipes.

I’m missing plasmorex recipe!

It’s the last recipe i need! 

I’m missing plasmorex and luxknight

this sucks

I am missing the recipe underneath inferneo, anyone know which and where that one is? The recipe on second page is a marspin and is gained by defeating a pirate to the bottom left of larkel. I just gained the plasmorex recipe by defeating the pyrowyrm in the cave under nazandal. I believe i have defeated all the wyrms including arkwing.

I don’t understand about the plasmorex one I can’t find the skeleton dragon part of it what is it how do you get it thanks.

Sky wolf. Which you get in a quest by beating a man in the last town in the desert. Just do all the quests and make sure to collect the rewards (:

Skull rex can be found north on the cresent island