Recipes and locations.

So a lot of people ask where are recipes? Or which one am I missing. Going to post recipes and hopefully have all there locations here.

Top left: bear fist, Top right: firequeen, bottom left: Volvoxon, bottom right: flamorider

Top left: orcow, top right: mechadino, bottom left: marspin, bottom right: nitrobird

Top left: inferneo, top right: gremknight, bottom left: skywolf, bottom right: raijin

Top left: nilomoth, top right: shadowlance, bottom left: Angeleon, bottom right: luxknight

Top left: Plasmorex, top right: tremorback, bottom left: barricadus, bottom right: dreadwolf

Top left: magmawyrm, top right: Omegawyrm, bottom left: Typhoon wyrm, bottom right: destructor

Top left: shadowstalker, top right: mossgolem, bottom left: minoblast, bottom right: Kamiwyrm.

here are all the images of each recipe and ark obtained.

Locations. ( if info is wrong please let me know! )

  • Magmawyrm, typhoonwyrm and Omegawyrm you get on a quest on the cresent island. You must defeat these wyrms to get their recipes.

-dreadwolf is obtained by beating the three leviathans. South of yelan.

  • marspin is on the peninsula near larkel.

-Destructor, Gearwolf, mossgolem, shadowstalker and Minoblast are all OM monsters. Recipe is obtained via OM. As well as the fusion needed arks.

  • Orcow is a quest in Arborun.

-Barricadus is part of a chain of quests. Complete the previous quests involving a man illegally excavating to get this quest on the cresent island. You get the recipe by beating him in the tower.

-Angeleon is obtained by defeating a Angeleon on the cresent island. Southern end on the mountains. Get the quest to enable the fight.

-Shadowlance is obtained by defeating a bandit south of kallaku. Accept the quest to enable you to fight him.

-Mechadino is obtained by taking the quest in lassandal. The quest where archeologists are being attacked by a strange ark.

-nilomoth is obtained in a quest in Yelan.

-Skywolf is obtained in a quest. You have to accept the quest by the local fusion man, and defeat him in a battle east of darandal

-Luxknight is obtained after beating the last of the three bandit quest ( the bandits you chase from cave to cave to cave )

-Kamiwyrm is obtained via pvp. Collect orblings to fuse into kami.

-Tremorback is obtained by defeating hydro wyrm.

-nitro bird is obtained by defeating a hunter in a battle ( exact location needed )

-Gremknight is obtained through the maldan chain. The recipe is given at aborun.

-Inferneo is obtained by defeating a hunter near ravindale northeast. He has spookers and promethoeos.

-Plasmorex is obtained by defeating a pyrowyrm in sarkor cave.

  • flamorider is above the first camp where you learn to fuse.

( Post the locations of the other recipes and I will add them to here! Thanks for the help and hope this helps! )

Luxknight is found after completing the chain of quests involving the 3 bandit brothers. I don’t recall exactly, but I believe you can complete the last quest in a cave nearby either Sholai, Kallaku, or Batek.

Thank you for helping :3

Wozld be nice if u post for all the golden ones where u find the monster for the recipes

Skywolf is a quest in Darandal involving the local Fusion Master.

Orcow is on the southern part of the destroyed bridge west of Arborus. (The one you called moogong)

Whoops. Thanks for the quick monster correct. :3

Partly what I am trying to do. :3 have some of them up. Gonna hope others who remember the locations let me know so I can post them here

hey im trying to find a certain combo with plasmodious and some sorta bone drangon. anyone know what the bone dragon would be and where i can find it???

Skullrex is on the northern part of the crescent shaped island.

Where do you get the recipe for plasmorex?

Confused on how to obtain barricadus recipe

Some recipes are obtained by completing chain quests. Basically chain quests are one that are reoccurring. To get barricadus you have to beat the man who illegally digs in caves ( accept he guild quests ) the one where you get barricadus is the one on the cresent island, to get that quest you have to complete the ones before it.

Thank you jean :3 screen shot has been added.

I have personally forgotten the location. Hopefully someone will post the recipe location for it so I can put it up on the list.

Ok guys please help. To get the shadowlance this forum says south of yelan in a quest. But i have finished all the quests in the frozen continent amd have gotten the tremorback and dreadwolf. But still no quest for the bandit for shadowlance. Do i need to continue further with the story? I am positive that i have gotten all quests so far and all the exclamation marks on houses. Please help
Ok @ flygon. I figured it out. The shadowlance is obtained from a quest in kallaku not yelan. I had to backtrack after finishing the other quests. Your other recipes have been very helpful!

Thank you for the correction to the city! The user must have mixed the the town names, which happen. I’ll be sure to fix that up.

I have no quests left to do, and yet I do not have the barricadus recipe???

Barricadus recipe is found in the tower. You get the quest to find an intruder in the tower when you return to Reijin. You need to have completed all the other quests from there first though.

Hi, anyone have any idea how to get nitrobird recipe?

I’m pretty sure you get it from a hunter battle. Where? I have no idea. It’s either in the desert or at the bridge southeast of Maldan… maybe?

I don’t know, just a guess. I’m hoping it’s not too much trouble on going on a little hunting spree.

Though I am restarting the game, so I’ll keep an eye out for recipes.

to get tremorback you have to click in the last spot up north between the mountains and the coastline near yelan and you have to defeat the hdryowrym

How do you find Gremknight recipe?