MinoBlast [Stats]

This mystic beast move set is insane

lol how did you level it so fast?:smiley:

Probably level boosters. Or he’s an IAP hacker and fed tons of gold eggs.

Or he collected 5 fusions, i only Got 1 fusion and it Was level 99 dunno if its A powerhouse

Or he practiced timing. I have sooo many level 99s that I get through junk monsters that I feed.

On another hand…I’ve spent close to 20,000 gold and I’ve only gotten 4 lil minos…ugh. I guess it’s time to do the mission.

I don’t like Minoblast’s moveset. It’s powerful but… not my thing.

For those people who are skilled with summoners, this is the perfect arkadion for you. Others who prefer not to… yeah… this isn’t particularly useful to you.

By the way, congratulations.

Yes, I did forget to consider that the Minoflares will be 99 from eggs and then combine into a 99 Minoblast.

thank you for calling me a hacker thanks for the respect

thank. you theres you solution .

I did not call you a hacker. But I had to consider multiple possibilities.

clearly did , and wealth cant be one of then ?

Relax guys

Were all jumpy because of the hackers

Let’s just blame the real hackers for all our problems and be done, yeah?

Actually, what I said was that you probably used level boosters, not that you’re a hacker. But then I figured once it was brought to my attention that it was simply via fusion. 

Wealth could be an option, but in almost all cases, that’s not the actual answer. 

To be honest, this mob is terrible in PvP. :joy: I blaze past people that use him in expert league because he sacrifices all the other mobs in the line up. :joy:

I think that’s because he’s supposed to be paired with a summoner like Fire Queen but eventually Fire Queen will wind up sacrificing herself

" or a apk hacker " thats not calling me a hacker?  

people do not know how to use him yet , you need a team for him . He is actualy realy good!

That is most certainly not calling you a hacker. It’s saying that it is a possible option that you’re a hacker, but not that you ARE one. Of course it’s possible that you’re a hacker. It’s possible that I’m a hacker (from your perspective). I’m not, but you wouldn’t know. 

True true & okay ,

lol he’s so bad even with a summoner. In order for him to be good you’d need stuns every over monster or simply cheat with Stego until he gets nerfed…He can still get one hit by many arks