Minoblast and Infernowyrm

Hi all,

just some questions about the monsters in title and possible strategy.

Minoblast: i was able to get 1 (10% of the first to finish the dungeon)…ok it does a lot of damage but always sacrifice one of your arkadion…do you think it worth it? For now i can say that for a 10 star monster i expect something better.

Infernowyrm: (get 1 by egg) love and hate it. Love cuz it does a lot (but a lot) of damage, but i hate it cuz after 2 or 3 hit (if things going good) you need to sacrifice an arkadion and let the wyrm heals itselfs or just leave it, hoping to get the change for ultimate hit. In my pvp formation is the penultimate arkadion…cuz it is difficult to get to the end of the battle with many Arkadion of advantage.

Thank you for your considerations.

Minoblast: yes it is worth it if you pair it with a monster that can summon other monsters that can be used as “ammunition” for Minoblast, as they said on Twitter. 

Not sure what you’re asking about Infernowyrm. 

Hi Ashley, thanks.

Reserve 2 slots for 2 “puppet monsters” only to have the Minoblast i think it’s not so good, but it’s only my modest opinion.

For Infernowyrm maybe i was not so clear, you’re right: i was triyng to know if there’s a better way to use it :slight_smile:

With Firequeen, it probably isn’t so good. But there’s a future monster that will change your mind on the matter :). For now, it probably isn’t the best monster. But that strategy is quite useful, because sacrifice attacks do a lot of damage.

The best way to use Infernowyrm is to pair it with a monster that uses life flip, so that once it gets low, life flip can restore its HP again. Unfortunately, there aren’t a whole lot of life flip monsters available right now. But that will change…

Ok Ash, thank you…for Minoblast i’ll wait for the future monster :slight_smile: