Is infernowyrm good??

Happen to get one,is it a good ark??

Ehhh uh yeaa he is , if you use him correctly

He’s great if paired with life flip :slight_smile:

Very good, be it powerhouse or used strategically, use him wisely and favor him, if you ever got a frillzeon they can pawn xd

Inferno wyrm is be far my most favorite arkadion. It’s ability, payback is really good and it’s other attacks can destroy almost any tank within seconds. Mind you, I have other good monsters too like destructor

I did discover the hard way that while he can do insane amounts of damage to an opponents team,he kinda has a glass jaw if u know what I mean

Well, I always put nilomoth next to him so it can heal him if necessary but normally I just put some low level monsters at the back of my party for him to devour and they can get the xp too.
As for defense, it’s kinda high and it probably won’t be a problem unless your opponent has water arkadions. What I like most is the insane damage. Particularly effective against tanks as he only takes 25% of the damage he deals, not what he’s supposed to deal- get what I mean? So I use him for arks with high defense and used my other arks to kill those with less defense.
Inferno wyrm kinda reminds me of wendigo from DIB, if u played it. :slight_smile: with its powerful attacks and stats haha