Minoblast is bleepin useless,I regret I did online mission this week.The only way he can attack is if he sacrifice a monster,but trust me that attack aint week more than 5 k single damage.

I have two things I can say to this:

5k dmg is a lot… 

and you can use firequeen to summon things to sacrifice. ^^

Oh, it’s very useful. 

3 for the price of 1 a fair deal if you ask me lol :slight_smile:

It’s difficult to use in a conventional team composition, yes; but it makes the metagame so much more interesting…! Firequeen is now viable- and not every single team will end with a Don Penguini. XD

Tbh…5k damage is enough to one shot almost ANY single target, combined with a relative small TU cost, he is one Overpowered monster (in PVP).

“puts firequeen in PvP team” ah crud he gets 1 hit GG mino “skip turn”

That’s where strategy with placement comes in :slight_smile:

Since this post i been on a mission to get a s rank firequeen.

well the problem with firequeen is that it doesnt last long i was able to get 3 small ants and then she dies but it was enough tho to kill off most of my oppo arksmy

my starting line up: fire queen, nilomoth, and arkwing might change that soon tho

Firequeen is the only released arkadion that can summon multiples without dying

Assuming you aren’t unlucky.

Using a double stun gift lead-in to Mino and Firequeen can be very effective; throw on a Haste, and you can shred teams. The only thing that makes me sad is Mino’s inability to one-shot Barricadus. 

If Minoflare was holy, maybe.