minion?! message

Hi everyone, yesterday I run for the OM and I finished it in a short time but…instead of the minion…here’s the message I recieved: claim event prize connect fail question message key.
Does anyone know what does it mean and why I didn’t get my arkadion?

Think it happens when you aren’t connected to the internet. You need to be connected to start the the OM but soon as it’s started you can play it disconnected and get the rewards but I think it messes up getting it at the end because it won’t no if you should of got it or not. I’m guessing your internet disconnected while you was playing

Wth!!! Oh damn my stupid country with our 3d world Internet connection! !! Do you know someone I can talk to to go through?

Erm the mods are the only people that could give you a definate answer but I’m sure that was the prob. You could try messaging Ashley or deadpool or one of the other mods but I’m sure one will see this soon enough and reply

Pretty much what Saul said.

Sadly, it registers that you won the event…

Sorry bud, you’re outta luck on this one

Actually it doesent I had that issue on the vortextor event I just went back an did it and got the reward