A very serious online mission bug.

I finished the OM two days ago. I didn’t get any wispurs other than a gold egg. It told me all prizes were claimed, and also said something weird like connectfailclaimprize. I assumed it was already over. But yesterday I heard a lot of people are still able to get it. I checked my ark list. There’s no wispur in it. What happened? Don’t tell me this is how I missed my first exclusive ark -.-

Try doing it again, go back and re defeat the boss and see of you get it.

Nope. Done that. Nothing worked.

Do you remember the date and time (approximate) when you beat the boss for the first time? I can check to see if all the prizes were already claimed by then.

I’m not 100% sure about the time but it would probably be around 17/11/13 11:00am UTC+8.

I remember it was a Sunday that day too.

Well if its the case it makes two of us, i tought all prizes were out too, i managed to finish it too on sunday like 17/11/13 Cet + 1, any news will be nice, thanks for your time