Mai rediscussion

I think we might want a rediscussion with mai since with all of the moves you see,she’s got a counter for most of the obnoxious meta defining mythics in the game
Charybdia and Giehretus - Antidote

Prixis - Mai is 88% speed and has sonic strike

It’s niche,but I see potential in her against this meta if someone found a team built around her

Dreadmoth can also take out Charybdis and Giehretus. Crimson Morph gives it Antidote as a move and it one shots. SE, much easier to include and build around.

While I do agree it’s much more cost efficient,it is much slower and cannot do anything to Prixis

Alongside that,isn’t charybdia water element? I’m not sure that even fire Dreadmoth can take out a full defence awakened water mythic.

Antidote ignores shield, hold Ground, and defense. Yes it works.

As far as the Prixis issue, there really shouldn’t be a single monster than can hard counter 3 awakened mythics.

True,but I honestly think there needs to be a counter to Prixis since she just gets to get away off Scott free with sonic break

Play an AP in your FL or Plume

Don’t worry, Enigmawolf new 99spd mons with Gravity Field + Payback + Venombreaker is coming

Who the ■■■■ is that



Facts :100:

You only say that because it’s true :joy:

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lfmao how? it is slower than Charybdia people are not stupid enough to let it act when it is a danger. facing the new crappy mythic, he cancels all roar entries and he’s going to send him to 100+ before his turn at which point he’s a counter to them?

LMFAO. Its antidote does not make more than 4k of damage to Charybdia, even on a critical blow its shape of fire will never beat Charybdia Full HP with this movement

he can’t

It’s good to know that you’re incorrect isn’t it? I played Dreadmoth this past PvP in 5th a couple of teams and after using Bind+ Dreadmoth was able to take Crimson form and Antidote one shot Charybdia in 8 of the games i ran into it with that team. After tweaking otherwise, I just set my FL to expect Charybdia (water) and Prixis (electric) so I had grass, dark, fire and Jurmulunge in its fastest spot to try to snag prisma vaporizes before Prixis got a turn. I played Dreadmoth at 5th that team too, but anyone that ran Geht against me got prisma vaporizes before thry got off.

We can go back and forth all day if you want with what can counter what but it will get nowhere. Try not to be so rude bro.

I wasn’t rude. If you thought that was the case, it’s not. I still apologize for this.
Speaking of dreadmoth I use it myself and I also have Charybdia awakened. He never, ever builds Charybdia. There are only two possibilities: you hit a Charybdia that had already lost enough HP for Dreadmoth to then one shot it. Where you used this on two poison monsters and the damage was multiplied. I didn’t fight him much anymore and he never did anything. Piercing doesn’t help much when there is elemental disadvantage with certain moves.

This surprises me a lot too. Can you confirm the damage number it deals?

To my knowledge, it just about one-shots mythics but has no chance against water mythics.

Mai needs sonic break

Not sure how you would like me to confirm it atm :joy:. Maybe I got all good rolls but Everytime I’ve come across it Dreadmoth has been able to take it out.