Is Lunartic still a good legend? Since the lifeflip of bronzeshell is now at 50. If yes, then how is it best used?

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Sometimes I’ll run Lunartic, gearcroc, jackal and stag with motor 5 and just go HAAM with knockback.

Lunartic’s passive activates more than you’d think.

Great legend for getting ragequits


It’s awesome. I have solblaze who can clone himself infinitely if you have lunartic (which is op) and yet lunar shows himself to be independently good too. Bloodthirst is great. So Is lunar burst

As a matter of fact he an tear through hoarded with ease

i sometimes run stratus, jack, dire, lunar and then a tt… works like a charm.

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Lunatic needs a buff he only got a SS which requires an other monster so I suggest giving it knockback random instead of knockback and lunar burst should leave bronze shells in place tu can be increased

Solblaze needs a buff as well maybe double bloodcrave and fast rime tu to 130

Agree only for knockback random…

I kinda agree on this.
Lunartic have skme awesome passives, thats what makes him awesome, so you cant really say he is useless or something
However his active moves are kinda lame. As a monster that ment to knockback and watch the shells raining, his knockback is 250 tu (or 200? Cant remember) which is so high. I mean, thats what he ment to do, bloodthirst isnt really a main thing about him

Don’t forget solblaze

I used to be a big downer on Lunartic before I got him. I asked on the forum a few times “how good is he?” but never got a complete answer. Basically, the 35% chance for a bronzeshell is surprisingly high and it stalls their team LOADS, especially if you use a bit more knockback with your team or unwanted friend with another monster.

I made a PvP team a while back and after creating it I immediately launched myself into the top bracket of PvP. Lunartic was a key player in this team and the combo of Luna + Jackal felt so overpowered but since then Bronzeshells have been sped up with the 50TU lifeflip and Jackal has had the knockback random limited to 5-time use. Now this strategy of mine feels far better balanced.

I made a video of myself using this team just after I’d made it which you can watch if you want. I was really quite new to using it and it’s a bit funny for me to watch now because I was eating food at the time and it’s clear to me where I was not paying attention to the situation I made mistakes haha. I don’t know why I thought it would be a good idea to record while eating lunch (I was spreading bread with jam and stuff)!

Skip forward to 6:40 for a proper example of my team working. The rest of the video is one match! One thing I’d like to mention that I’ve learned from playing with my team a lot is that a very solid move I often play is TT into knockbacks. You can never rely completely on your front four monsters working so whenever it breaks down my TT comes in and I frequently get to use TT to line up about 4 knockbacks in quick succession (the first coming before the TT). Four knockbacks when you have Lunartic there, and you’ve probably already done a couple on the opponent’s team, can get you into a really good position. You’d be surprised by how many people give up at this point!

Ok I just said give it knock back random and I honestly want solblaze buff. Well after Nebel Cosmo cryo and sanct buff because I just got Cosmo from rare and already have Nebel and sanct

Okay but Lunartic is all about sticking around, slowing down the fight and causing havoc. Bloodthirst is surprisingly useful on a very tanky monster with a great passive plus I would hate for knockback to be changed to double or to random. Any of that would be a nerf to the moveset.

Dude I love solblaze and all but he is strong enough. Have you forgot about infinite clones given lunartic is alive