Which of these is worth evolving?

Hey guys I wanna know if any of these are worth evolving and spending my special ingredients on

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Shadowhunter is a nice replacement for goldtail, mooniac can create a lot of bronzeshells in the enemy team, and the fire angel is basically support monster so if I were you I would choose shadowkit

Lunartic has life flip unlimited, though a strat I prob know is knock back an enemy and there’s a chance a bronzeshell will appear then kill it then charge for bloodthirst. problem is that it has High TU so it’s really up to you on what Legend fits your team composition

Solariel is not an extremely valuable monsters, actually it’s pretty mediocre but not worthless. I’d evolve it last.

Shadowstalker and Mooniac both have similar functions: locking the enemy team. The difference between them is: Shadowhunter can put asleep an enemy with a ⅗ chance, while Lunartic summons Bronzeshells as soon as an enemy with a ~⅓ chance.

If you already have many monsters which can support sleep lock (like Goldtail or Wraithcaptain) or Death Sentence legendaries, then go for Shadowhunter.

If you have plenty of monsters who can knockback the enemy (Capybaragon, Bastia etc.) or can summon useless monsters in the enemy team (like Midasdragon or Tinkerclaus) then go for Lunartic. Even better if you have Dualdragoon or Motordragon, which fall under both these categories.


Don’t talk about my fire angel like that

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:tractor: sorry :tractor:

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Solariel is great when paired with Gryphking and Swordragon in a almost-never-ending sword dance spam

If you’re using them for PVE I would suggest mooniac. I’ve used it with Polaboss and that got me through game of hordes. Really helped with making the game 4vs2 and sometimes even 4vs1

What about this one?

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kind of good for FL purifying mist can help against status effects but the main gimmick for him is to protect once low he does desperate doublee