Lucrayzor’s Lesser known Lessons

Excuse the corny title lol. This is a little compilation of tips and tricks that I came up with that are seldom discussed. I think most of them have kinda just become common knowledge among the veterans over time, but a lot of newer people are probably unaware of the nuances of certain mechanics, or are confused by the way things work. So hopefully this’ll help out with developing a more fundamental understanding of the game. The list may expand as I think of more.

  • Sleep effects, with the exception of Thlug Beckie’s revenge effect, always last for exactly 320 TU. There’s no need to count down to the exact moment the monster will wake up, but what you CAN do is take note of how many turns that monster will lose. When a sleeping monster gets its turn it’s automatically pushed back to 130 TU; this means that assuming there’s no stun or other time-altering effects, or it’s woken up and put back to sleep, it will always lose either 2 or 3 turns in total(because 320 is between 2 and 3 times the size of 130). Whether it’s 2 or 3 depends on how close the mon’s turn is at the moment it’s put to sleep. If it’s at less than 60 TU, it’ll lose 3 turns, and if above 60 it’ll lose 2. As long as you keep track of this, you’ll have a good idea of when you can expect that monster to be able to move again. Just be aware that stun effects have a chance of decreasing the number of turns lost, while turn granting or TU reducing moves increase it. ADDENDUM(credit to KD): if the monster is bonused and/or accelerated, this will decrease the amount of time it’s pushed back when it loses a turn to sleep. If you plan to wake it up with purify or poison this can help, but if you’re waiting for it to wake up it can be a curse in disguise, as it could increase the turns lost from 2 to 3, thus effectively increasing the effective amount of time lost.
  • When a stun absorber absorbs a stun, it takes the sum of the amounts each individual ally would get hit by otherwise, ex. a 100 TU stun flash targeting 4 monsters would translate to 400 TU. However, if an ally has stealth on, then the stun effect never connects with it, and thus that 100 TU isn’t included in the sum. If one ally is stealthed, the absorber takes only 300 TU. If all 4 monsters are stealthed, no stun is absorbed at all(also worth mentioning that converter and counter do not trigger in this scenario). Funnily enough though, stun immunity and stun converter play no part in this equation; even if all 3 of the absorber’s teammates are stun immune, it’ll still take 400 TU from a stun flash anyway, even as one of its allies is getting its turn with converter. The way the game is programmed, stun immune monsters are technically “affected” by the stun, they just don’t have their TUs affected. Stealth is the only way to avoid the effect entirely.
  • Poison ticks strictly occur no more than once after each turn. One situation where this becomes very noticeable is when several 1 hp monsters are afflicted by poison in succession. Suppose that your hypothetical Aurodragon has had a good day and spawned several 1 hp clones at the back of your team. Unfortunately, the enemy has an auto poison endgame, so your clones are all kinda screwed, right? Most likely, but not necessarily. Let’s suppose the first clone comes in to replace its fallen ally, gets poisoned, and immediately dies to the subsequent poison tick. The second clone will then come in and get poisoned, but it will not die just yet. Why? Because the game’s already done a poison tick, and it cannot do another one until the next monster takes its turn. Thus, the second clone will have a single turn to live before the poison kills it, regardless of whose turn it is(note that in this context, skipping still counts as a turn); if that one turn is used to purify it, heal it, or get it off the field to wait for the AP to be dealt with, then congrats, you saved it. If the clone gets its own turn upon entering the field, whether due to roaring entrance or no other mon on the field being close to its turn, then it’ll have that one turn to either save itself or get its licks in before its inevitable demise(or both if you have desperate bite or green bear hug lol). Thus roaring entrance is a good pair with Auro, since it partially counteracts auto poison. Perhaps a more relevant situation is when a poison tick declines to remove a shield; this too occurs when the shielded monster enters right after a mon dies from a poison tick. So be ready for that.
  • Sometimes when you’re stuck with a bronzeshell, a situation may arise where there’s something at 1 hp that you need dead, or a stealth/shield you need to get rid of ASAP, and you have no one to do it with except the shell. If this happens, use miniflame instead of reckless attack; it does the same job for less TU(you can’t take recoil anyway). Surprisingly I’ve never seen anyone that I’ve met in pvp do this, so I figured I should just confirm that the knowledge is out there.
  • Revenge effects trigger when the user is killed, whether by an ally or an enemy(except death revenge, it simply doesn’t trigger when killed by an ally). However, there are some types of damage that are not considered an “attack”, and thus do not trigger revenge effects. Poison is by far the most prominent example, as long as the mon dies to the status effect itself and not a poison based attack, its revenge will not be activated. There are a select few other skills that ignore revenge effects too, such as Death Roulette(Ziberius), Epidemic(Atlantyrant), Morphean Bomb(Wraithcaptain and Elmowraith), and Blight Bomb(Maggatsuoh). They all involve a big skull icon animation, and seem to be a sort of neutral damage source that’s no longer tied to the user of the move. It’s a little confusing, but it’s just how they work I suppose. Also worth mentioning is that death revenge and payback revenge do not trigger the revenge effects of whoever they kill, but explosive revenge does.

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On sleep: while the monster’s turn gets passed to 130TU, this is reduced by bonus potions on the monster as well as if they are accelerated.

On poison: it lasts 500s.

Great idea for a guide!

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