First Turn

Hi,Every Time I Play Pvp Match My Opponents Gets The First Turn.Can You Guys Explain How This Team Turn System Work?

Monster Speed?

The same reason pikachu gets the first move over geodude my boy


Your monster’s speed stat determines how quickly your monster will get its turn from the start of the battle, or from the moment it enters the field. If you want a better chance of moving first, simply use a fast monster or two. Just be sure that said fast monster will be able to make a meaningful contribution with that first turn(lookin at you, starters)

Neo Monster’s unpredictable turn system can be a little tough to get used to if you’re coming off of simple-structured RPGs. Sure, the opponent may run faster monsters than you, but some monsters are assigned low speeds for a reason. If you’re patient enough and can make it through their onslaught, it surely won’t be long before your monsters can all go at it at once.

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