Tips for a beginner

Hello everyone, I am a new player that just started this game a few hours ago. I got to the third world but everything is very confusing, so can any veteran player share any tips or tricks to help?

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Focus on low TU Moves (low secs)

Control the battles. It’s not always good to kill all 4 monsters in one go. Create deadweight. If something is sleeping or stunned high, leave it.

Make sure you’re protected from the enemy doing the above - purify, stun absorber etc.

Get a Galvbane

With the exception of the above, don’t take advice from anyone called Gary. (Unless they are from Wales).

Lastly, when you are experienced and played for a while, invent your own combos in PvP and you will go far.

Good luck.


If you win a PvP battle post a screenshot everywhere and write a funny GG to the person you have lost to the 36 times before. Optional: Upload a YT Video of it.

If you lose a PvP battle do none of the above and act like you haven’t played the game for ages.


Try to search in yt “Neo monster gameplay” I think that channel Will help u alot


When You get into the Khanate empire You’ll meet a man named Marko, don’t trust him. Dont repeat the same mistakes all the other MCs have done :pray:

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Go get yourself a Galvbane @ffhycf

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In the online section go to the training dojo (top right section). It teaches you about some of the game mechanics. There is a lot to learn, but some basic knowledge will help make you feel comfortable.

There’s also a good information section with tips and things. To get to it, click the “news” button on the home page of the online section (it’ll be near-ish the bottom right). On one of the last pages (about 3 from the end) will be the page with a few sections you can read. For example, one useful tip is you can click a monster on the time bar to see its stats and skills.

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