Lord of the Shattered Mountain

I have beaten all the other First One events but am having quite alot of trouble with the final event of Lord of the Shattered Mountain. Any tips on how to deal with this? Endless autoprotectors and Camoflauge with Stun Immunity is proving extremely difficult to cope with not having access to monsters with Raw abilities and everything dying too fast to gain any momentum. These are the monsters I have, plz help? Any advice is appreciated.

If you had nulltron you could instantly delete his entire army, and promptly him as well. I am noticing however that you own Angelion in his second form… does he just not have RAW Bloodfury yet? If not, then I’d recommend evolving him real quick. After that just bring him with a HORDE of GTs, plus of course some deadweights up front to take the hit and leave terra at high TU. Aoe 3-4 times, then just slam him with the Bloodfury. He should die pretty securely.

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Appreciate it. Yeah I am waiting for the next chance to grab another Omegamid for Angelion. Just got him from eggs 2 days ago after I use all my mids lol. If I had Tenebris it would be easy pickings but oh well on that note.

Thank you for the advice, will go ahead and give it a shot.

Lol that fight is disgusting. I beat it with rng. Technically you could do what I did. Emeraldous with protector spam

Nulltron strat didn’t work anymore in Delugazar fight when I tried to farm it for xp. Previously my strat relied on Nulltron charging himself with bronzeshells but they added Time Freeze so execute can’t be spammed anymore. Not sure if they did it for First Ones as well. It’s strange how these changes are never mentioned in the patch notes.

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I did it with robinator… just trying over and over with a measly 6.4% chance of success every hit I was able to land. Eventually it happened, was probably like 5-6 battles.